Outside the Camp

I agree full heartedly with Phil. Have been saying for awhile now that the G.C. and Wilson are mini-me Trumps.


Well you heretics! :smirk_cat:

Wonder if Tim Jennings will have a booth? My friend in Tennessee (who goes to his SS class) says he has been banned from the SDA Univ. so teaches his class on Sab. someplace else.

Don’t worry. There are so many of us now who, apparently, stand “outside the camp,” you will be in good company! Besides, with coronavirus on its way, being “outside the camp” may be the safest place this summer :wink: God bless our friends in Kinship International. While I know some of my views may not welcome in Ted Wilson’s world, I have never felt as though my very being was an affront to the “purity” of the church. If you haven’t done so today, tell a gay friend that you love them and will always be there for them. Let’s extinguish this darkness with some light, okay? Thanks, Spectrum, for standing by the LGBTQ Adventist community.


Dwyer acknowledges that members of, or people connected to, kinship International have helped staff the booth in previous sessions. So the real question is whether these staffers were truly representing Spectrum or promoting, even incidentally, their own message? I would expect Spectrum leadership to recognize the church’s sensitivity, and not put it’s booth in jeopardy.

To use a phrase from my generation, maybe the General Conference has had it with the nattering nabobs of negativity. I wish they let everyone in but they won’t and many of us aren’t huge fans of the church beyond our local levels anyway. Let’s just leave and start an all-inclusive denomination that doesn’t discriminate on the basis of gender, gender identity, or sexual identity or activity preference.

The church has already abandoned the sanctity of choice when it comes to abortion, and there is little room for those who question the existence of God in pastorates or academia. Let’s just say enough
Is enough and go do our own thing. Why be barnacles on the side of this behemoth any longer?


Just a quick thought: What if the GC got cancelled due to Corona fears? How would this impact elections, etc. Or does the GC Executive committee elect new officers? Anyone know the rules?


Time wounds all heels.


How else do you define “POLITICIAN”?

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i think this development will only strengthen Spectrum’s popularity…it’s obvious that someone doesn’t appreciate Spectrum’s coverage of the GC since san antonio…he’s feeling threatened, and doing what he can to lash out…but this kind of thing never works…i’m confident that Spectrum’s news team and various whistleblowers will still be able to bring us the truth about our leaders, whether they like it or not…

if i were TW, or anyone in the GC, i would reach out to Spectrum for an alita byrd interview, and try to frame the conversation more to my liking…but aloofness, and now exclusionary tactics, is only going to make things worse…these are measures that fan the flames of confrontationism…


If I think “religious liberty” - I simply shudder at this form of blatant censorship.
If I think “general conference” - I am not surprised at all.

There is a little comfort in this irony … in Germany, today the Willow Creek leadership congress - a national event with about 7,000 attendants in one place - was shut down early due to the Corona virus… I am just musing what this may mean for an international event with 70,000 people expected… Booth, or no booth.


“…a person who is professionally involved in politics, especially as a holder of or a candidate for an elected office”
Used in a sentence: Abraham Lincoln and Vaclav Havel were politicians as well as statesmen.
I do not understand the combative tone of your post, Sirje.

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“How else do you define “POLITICIAN”?”
This is combative?

You don’t define a word by using it in the definition, as you did - "A politician is a person who is professionally involved in politics… . So, define “politics”.

Look, the way I see it politics should not be a word associated with a religious organization. It implies “wheeling and dealing”- which we have witnessed a plenty. Just my opinion.



I found it interesting that you used the term “biblical policies”. I can’t say that I disagree with the term. I do find it interesting that so many from the Southern Hemisphere are willing to fall on that sward. Using the Bible, I can prove all kinds of things, even crazy things, if I’m allowed to cherry pick verses to make my case. That is why we have so many variations on Christianity. Over 10,000 different denominations…all using the same bible.

I still have never heard a good answer as to why we could not find a more qualified person, out of the 25 million member denomination, to lead the church than the son of a previous president. Nepotism is a very powerful tool, used in the wrong hands, it can be a very destructive tool.


Out of curiousity I consulted a handful of dictionaries to check if your standard for definitions is “standard.” I started with the word “musician.” Of the handful of dictionary definitions I consulted. each used some form of the word “music” in its definition. None that I saw substituted “organized sound” or some other non-“music” word description in its definition. My search was not exhaustive, however. Dictionaries were varied with “politician,” some used politics in the definition and others did not. You chose to ignore the “holder of or a candidate for an elected office” part of the definition I used. OK. You also chose not to comment on a form of the word used in a sentence. More than enough said (by me.)

Many times a “Leader” of a group is Chosen BY THE GROUP
because The Group Membership WANT a certain number of
things to happen.
In the case of President Wilson we can notice all the YES persons
either because they AGREE with him and the “group think” or they
FEAR the “group think”, afraid of losing their current position.
I Believe that the Time Line of Issues Voted on let us know WHAT the
“Group Membership” want and to Force the Church into in the way
of Thinking, and Behavior, allowed Behavior.

Even IF President Wilson is Not voted for another term, we will probably
get another President SIMILAR to him. So will be no Change. JUST a
Change of Mask over the face.

If you have been reading here for quite some time, you will notice comments
now and then about RETIRED Pastors saying things they were VERY FEARFUL
to say when employed for fear of – losing their job — losing their retirement.


More and more, the SDA church looks less and less like something I want to be associated with.


And, in the book of Job, also in the heavenly court.


Well, I suppose it could, but then they’d have to believe in science. Of course the science is wrong, since it speaks of evolution as the source of the virus. Obviously that is wrong because evolution doesn’t exist; it’s clearly from the devil. All they’ll need to protect themselves is some garlic around their necks and lots of prayer. Works every time.

Sensitivity? To what?

Are you saying they’re little snowflakes who fear those gay people? (I suspect they are sure that they can ‘catch’ gayness if they mingle with gay people, so perhaps that’s the root of the issue.)


randle –
Glad you are still around. Nice to see you back.

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You nailed it good. Any agency that cannot be controlled by the GC will be banished. Like in the White House, there is also a “La Cosa Nostra” at the GC.