Outspoken: Debbie and Kris Widmer Open Up About Trans Daughter

There is no conflict with accepting that God created only male and female. I imagine it this way. A child comes to sit on Jesus lap. That child is physically male, but knows without any doubt that she is female. Her personal identity of who she is is female. … If Jesus was to heal her back to the creation norm, would he change the physical and keep the person in terms of feelings and identity of who she is or would he eliminate the person to keep the genitals?


I don’t know the struggle that family is experiencing. What I do know is that regardless of how you were born, what has changed as a result of sin, nothing is beyond the power of God to change. The bible made an outline from the beginning what things were to be like. God makes it possible for anyone to obey his commands, he is omnipotent. Everyone of us was born with a hereditary tendency to sin. None of us can change our nature, but praise God for a saviour who offers us hope.

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Then I would respectfully suggest that you ditch whatever search engine you use for accessing peer-reviewed journals.


Does God’s word give us more examples of Him changing the hearts and minds of His children, or their physical bodies? What makes her so definitively female, if every physical aspect is 100% male? Does the inheritance of sin from Adam and Eve on down only affect us physically, or does it have an affect on our mind as well? If a person’s physical body is as close to perfect as we experience in our fallen state, yet their mental identity is at odds with that, why is a seemingly perfect body viewed as what needs fixing? Especially when sitting on the lap of The Creator? Is He incapable of reshaping our identities? Word has it, He changed one mans identity so drastically that he was blind for 3 days, before changing his name completely.

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**I thank you so much for this short film. My only granddaughter who is married and has a small son, just informed me yesterday that she is transgender and no longer Elizabeth but Logan and wants to be referred to as he/him. My mind is swirling and only God is giving me peace right now, and I have no clue how Logan’s mother (my daughter) is dealing with this, but I was happy to hear Debbie say she had to grieve the loss of Timothy before she could accept Teagan. That is my starting point. These are very murky waters I now have to navigate and while figuring out what my role is and how to act, not alienate Logan or my daughter in the process. It is not easy at age 75, but I am trying. My husband sent me a couple quotes last night that I am clinging to, and one is “No one has ever been reclaimed from a wrong position by censure and reproach.” MB 129 My grandchild was not raised in the Seventh-day Adventist church, but this still fits. Thank you Widmers for helping me a bit in these rough waters. God bless. **