Outspoken: My Name Is Rhonda And I Am A Seventh-day Adventist Transgender Woman

As a celibate transbian & Seventh Day Adventist, I would like to thank Rhonda for her message of love. I do believe that the Church will move its official position in time, & the bravery of people like Rhonda will help that to come about. I take comfort from knowing that God loves all those who have faith in Christ Jesus, irrespective of our skin colour, culture, economic class, age or gender. Thank you again, Rhonda.


It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. Saw this article and was inspired to comment on Rhonda’s bravery and stand for her love of the Savior.

Working in drug and alcohol rehab in Aus now. I see all kinds of brokenness and confusion.

If only my clients could find the love and victory in Jesus as Rhonda has.

@elmer_cupino Great clinical advice. We certainly use clonidine and naltrexone, but unfortunately Aus is still stuck in the diaz sliding scale AWS/COWS technique of withdrawal.

We get then of methamphetamine, sure. But they leave with a raging benzo addiction. Sad.