Over 4,100 Sign Statement In Support of a Yes Vote

It was almost exactly four months ago that with a unanimous vote the Board of Adventist Forum, the publisher of Spectrum Magazine and its website, went public with its Statement Affirming Adventist Unity on the women’s ordination question to be presented July 8 to delegates at the General Conference Session. Adventist Forum created a new website—unity2015.org—to invite other Seventh-day Adventists who supported a Yes vote to publicly bear witness and add their names as part of the priesthood of all believers.

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You championed this initiative, Ken, and we all take comfort and pride in the witness it has generated. So many have signed on, at the Spectrum booth,during the session here in San Antonion. And there has been a steady stream of support from men and women who hail from Inter-America and the Southern hemisphere.

The camel of justice has its nose in the tent, and neither fundamentalism nor any other principality or power will prevail against it. Not in the long run. Chuck


I’m on technology overload today, as I try to follow all the blogs on Spectrum and AToday plus the FB “I Support the Ordination of Women” group and Spectrum’s streaming and twitter feed and other friends who post about this and those who respond to my posts on my timeline, and… and…

Anyway, just saw this post and am wondering what will become of the statement of support? Is it being presented anywhere?

Trust in God’s timing and pray for His leading while our leaders deliberate today.

But 4,100 was not enough. Alas. I feel I was just kicked out of my church.


I find it interesting that the question asked on the sign in your booth was “do you support women”. The attendant there said it is a little cryptic, and then admitted it was asking if you support WO.

If you have any ideas for where and how to,present it please let us know. Thanks.

Why not send it to Ted Wilson and the other officers? Just copy off the list of names and send it to them by mail, I would think, along with information on how long it took to collect the names

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Carol, the old guard and their headship theology carried the day. But me thinks that the NAD will proceed as before. If the GC wants to discipline the NAD, go ahead and let it. When the money dries up from NAD, the world church will financially collapse.

I attended Kinship Kampmeeting and was disappointed you weren’t there. What a wonderful experience. There were about 65-70 of us there. When an offering was taken up to support Kinship’s ministry it totalled $65,000 in offerings and pledges, a far cry from the $44,000 raised for evangelism at last years campmeeting in Northern california where thousands attend. My tithe is paid up for the rest of 2015 in advance to help Kinship’s ministry. But I will continue to donate to more ministries the rest of the year as I am able.

Please pray for me. I am going through some real personal issues with my health, marriage and a host of other things that are almost more than I can bear up under. @Bille


I would love to have seen you at KK! We had family visiting, besides which, I have sworn off flying. If they have one within driving distance (Portland, Walla Walla, Seattle) I will be delighted to come. I’m so glad you got to come, though. I was at the Atlanta Kampmeeting last summer and got to hear Herb Montgomery, so I know you had some wonderful meetings. I have felt closer to heaven at Kampmeeting than anywhere else! I am praying for you, Tom. Satan will do all he can to take away your peace, but Jesus is stronger! Hugs!


Where can I sign this. I was in Spectrum’s office in Roseville briefly on Monday to introduce myself, but I was unaware of the petition. Obviously the GC is over with and the vote went against WO, so maybe the petition is moot at this point. However I wonder what TW and the GC are going to do with the fact that Sandra Roberts is the Prez of South Eastern California Conference??? The GC refuses to even acknowledge her in the world directory.

If the headship roosters try to remove her from office there are going to be feathers flying everywhere, and their necks are going to be on the chopping block. Southeastern California Conference will have the biggest chicken bar-b-Q of all time. @GeorgeTichy @carrolgrady @Bille @kevindpaulson @ageis711Oxyain

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Tom, where did you get this idea?
There was NO VOTE against WO at all. Read the question again. This is what they voted on. They denied the Divisions the right to legislate on the ordination process. It had nothing to do with WO. They decided not to change the status quo, which means that the authority to manage the ordination process remains with the UNIONS.

I actually like this vote, because it’s better to have only the Unions in charge than sharing the authority with the Divisions. the Divisions.

The problem now is not the vote. The problem, again,.is Ted Wilson acting AS IF the vote had been against WO. How could anyone think of enforcing the anti-WO agenda based on this vote? This would be extreme fraud!

How could this affect Sandy Roberts? … I hope they don’t even think about such a crazy idea, because it would have “grave consequences,” as you said, there would be “feathers flying everywhere” including in the GC’s mouth…


There comes a time when it is best to “cut one’s losses” and move on to other things. It’s done now. Ted got his way. He’s no doubt purring like a pussy cat… which reminds me of an old proverb that has something to say about sleeping tigers. It just might apply to those who like to think they are tigers as well… :wink:


@GeorgeTichy … Now George… you who are so good at explanations… here’s a mystery that I can’t figure out… PLEASE HELP!

I just tried to “like” this post of yours. I currently am not out of “likes”… but when I try to “like” yours, instead of accepting it… or telling me I don’t have any “likes” left… I get a message saying “You are not permitted to view the requested resource.”

So… two questions… how did you get to the status of being considered a private, “requested resource”… and #2 what did I do to get put on your “forbidden list”?

@webEd (Moderator input will also be much appreciated.)

(Sorry, no idea. - webEd)

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It’s still up on Spectrum’s home page, although, as Bille says, I think the day for using it is now past. But if you just want your name to be included, I think it’s still possible.

Thanks Carol. But I have to move on to other things right now. I am going to campmeeting today for 10 days so I will not be posting here. This is going to be a most interesting campmeeting. The theme is “Christ’s method alone.” Doug Batchelor is the evening speaker during the last half at the main traditional part. Jonathan Henderson is the featured evening speaker all week at the contemporary worship tent. This is going to be interesting. It is like General Lee and General Grant on the same battlefield. But I think it is time for the swords to be pounded into plowshears.

I have known Doug personally for 30 years when he first started out in ministry as pastor of a little church up in the boondocks where my step grandmother attended. Pray that I will get the opportunity to talk with him. @Bille

Sandra Roberts and all those who support rebellion against the GC have forgotten the stories of King David and Jacob. David chose to patiently wait on the Lord and Jacob took matters in his own hands. Who do you think honor the Lord? Something to think about.