Pacific Union College Aids in California Wildfire Relief Efforts

Pacific Union College is currently being used as a base for wildfire relief efforts in Napa County, California. California Fire crews are flying water-dropping helicopters, providing food and supplies to firefighters on the ground, and mapping the progression of the fires from PUC’s Virgil O. Parrett Field.

Jennifer Tyner, vice president of student life and enrollment, explains that even though the College is miles away from the fires, “the airstrip is conveniently located for [Cal Fire] to refuel and get the water they need.”

She adds that PUC is currently working on providing housing for the firefighters so they have a place to sleep between shifts. “We’re looking to find about 44 beds in our residence halls to give them a place to shower, sleep, and recharge.”

WATCH a short video created by PUC students about the relief efforts:

Alisa Williams is managing editor of

Video Credit: current students JJ Reynolds (producer), B.S. Marketing Communications; Julian Ybarra, B.A. Film & B.A. Spanish; Kaitlin Darnell, B.A. Film.

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I love hearing this!! Students are away, and this becomes a sanctuary for people risking their lives.


i’ve been wondering about PUC’s exposure to the Napa valley fires…they seem so apocalyptic…it’s good to know PUC isn’t in any immediate danger…

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Peak winds of 60 mph possible over next 72 hrs similar to last weekend where firestorms jumped 10 miles in 6 hrs. Continue praying for the region.


Thank you PUC! So glad to hear of this much-needed assistance, and praying for the winds to die down/rain to fall. Love my college, and class of '76!

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