Pacific Union College and Adventist Health St. Helena Evacuated

Pacific Union College and Adventist Health St. Helena have announced they are under mandatory evacuation due to the Lightning Complex Fires in Napa County.

The PUC announcement was posted to its website and social media channels on August 19, 2020 and states:

PUC is currently under a mandatory evacuation with the surrounding Angwin community in response to the Lightning Complex Fires in Napa County.

There is currently no immediate threat to the campus, and all faculty, staff, and students are safe and accounted for at this time.

Please join us in praying for our PUC family, our Angwin community, and our Napa County neighbors, as well as the Angwin Volunteer Fire Department and others responding. And please pray for all those affected by the Lightning Complex Fires.

The PUC incident command team (ICT) will be meeting again at 8:00 AM on Thursday and we will have more updates after that.

Adventist Health St. Helena announced on August 20 that the hospital and most of its clinics are closed on Thursday, after being evacuated late Wednesday night:

Adventist Health St. Helena Hospital and most clinics are closed on Thursday, August 20, due to the LNU Lightning Complex fire in Central Napa County. The hospital was evacuated late Wednesday night after Cal Fire issued a mandatory evacuation order. In accordance with the order, all surgical, lab, imaging and other procedures that were scheduled on the hospital campus are cancelled until further notice.

According to a news report from the Napa Valley Register, the lightning-caused wildfires have burned 131,000 acres in and around rural northeastern Napa County. Over 100 homes and outbuildings have been destroyed and 70 damaged. Over 4,400 homes are under mandatory evacuation and over 1,200 additional homes are under evacuation warning as of Wednesday evening.


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Your a full day short of this notice. But thanks


California Fire Map & Tracker

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Don’t depend on that map. Cal Fire releases two press conference a day and will do another about 7:00 pm tonight. That map is 7 hours old and the fire can change directions a hundred times in that period. My son is a Captain on Cal Fire and right now they are chasing their collective tails. And to all you Gavin Newsome fans, guess where all those millions he promised went in 2018. Just try to guess!!!


Published: Aug 18, 2020 - California Secures Federal Assistance to Support Response to LNU Lightning Complex Fire in Napa County and Jones Fire in Nevada County.


Where is the air support for these rural NOR Cal fires Mel? There hasn’t been a copter or plane in the air for two days. That money didn’t go for equipment. Oh no it went to pensions and Unions. That’s where the votes are. I am sick of these politicians in California. They are damn liars who spend like drunken sailors for homeless and junkies in SF and LA. Cuz that’s where the votes are.


And Mel if you give me a bunch of money for “home improvement”. And I go to Italy for a month shopping for drapes that’s isn’t accountability is it. They put out these press releases and go have a mocha and don’t say this money has to be spent buying equipment and we will ask for a audit when you are done, where do you think that money will be spent.
It’s just like the SDA organization, here is a ton of tithe money to spend on saving the natives in you name it. And God bless you! Where do you think that money goes? It sure isn’t to save the natives.


My prayers and sorrow go out to the people in the Angwin area, having lived there for several years in the 1970s. So sad to hear of these fires.


And where do you live that you know these things - like not a plane or helicopter in the air for two days? Is your report first hand / local?

(BTW, it is Newsom rather than NewsomE.)

I live in Angwin. My son is a Cal Fire Capt. Is that first hand enough for you Peter. And it’s Warden Newsom. Finally they have gotten permission to use the PUC airport to begin bringing in air support. Which I live less than a half mile from which might also be considered first hand knowledge.


Guess when you are living under a fire threat you have the right to be edgy. I know the area very well. Haven’t heard if the evacuation has been lifted.


No the evacuation is in place and Sunday morning is supposed to bring another set of lightening storms so I’m guessing nothing will be lifted until those pass.

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Thank you. PUC and Angwin are very dear to me as I spent more than half of my life there - as a student then on the faculty. I’m praying throughout the day that they will be spared from the fire.

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It’s looking better but tonight and Sunday they expect more lightening sooo… yes I came in 1973 and have not left. Faculty member for 38 years there. Thanks for the prayers. It’s amazing the stories people are spreading about what is happening. Everything including PUC burned to the ground when lightening struck the religion dept building.


Is it true that the situation is so critical that Trump is coming to visit the area and, among many fans, he chose to spend the night at your home? Just because you live by a golf course.

Do you confirm this, or is it actually fake news?
Just wonderin’…


Oh my don’t even kid about something like that. I would have to burn my own house down to rid myself of the fleas.


Don’t worry. I am sure he believes the fires are nothing but another hoax planted by the Democrats! :roll_eyes:


You can track the LNU Lightning Complex fire’s perimeter and hot spots near PUC - and all the other fires in CA - here:,-122.36023&z=11&b=mbt&a=mba%2Cmodis_mp

A good site for news and updates is:

Currently it looks like this:

Trump already gave California his advise on controlling the wildfires. Rake! We didn’t follow it so I guess this is our fault.

It’s fun to watch the three fully-developed humans in this first video try to remain calm and not bust up laughing.

The Fins have confirmed this with many documentary videos:

Stop blaming Trump. The government of states need to be held accountable. Gov. Newsom allowed millions of dollars go to pensions and unions and not a dime for equipment. That’s not on the fool Trump that’s on Newsom.
The problem with Dem’s and Repo’s is they defend their party no matter what their people screw up.