Pacific Union College Names Brandon Parker Vice President for Financial Administration

ANGWIN, Calif. — In a special meeting held January 4, 2017, the Pacific Union College Board of Trustees confirmed Brandon C. Parker as the college’s new vice president for financial administration. Parker, an alumnus of PUC, assumes his new role January 9.

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What are these two entities?

He seems to have inherited a generous spending ex-president. Good luck!

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Last I knew, they were subsidiaries of the college (or whoever legally owns the college); Albion is the biology field staton up the coast and is also available for retreats and special programs—it is a great asset to the college, both academically and socially, and the auxiliary enterprises include income-generating operations that are not part of the college, proper—like (what used to be) the press, the bookstore, the café, and the Mercantile (although I’m not sure what else comprises that part of operations). Most campuses have similar subsidiary businesses of this sort, and this list may be out of date. A CFO needs to explain the differences among wholly-owned subsidiaries, auxiliary enterprises and other kinds of enterprises not directly part of teaching and learning. I hope someone from PUC updates this outsider’s report . . .

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Howell Mountain Enterprises is apparently the owner of the College Market in the Plaza, a grocery store.