Pacific Union Conference Affirms NAD Opposition to the GC’s Compliance Document

Editor’s Note: The Pacific Union Conference Executive Committee confirmed its continuing support of the North American Division in its opposition to the “Compliance Document” in a statement that was released on the afternoon of November 15, 2018. It also took an action affirming tithe parity, as discussed at the NAD Year-end meetings. Both items follow below in their entirety.

Statement in response to the NAD YEM Statement on the "Compliance Document"

The mission of the church is universal, while the ministry of the church is local. The Pacific Union Conference leadership and Executive Committee affirm and renew our devotion to the unique ministry that Christ has given us. We remain stalwart in support of our churches, schools, conferences, and all of our workers. We are resolved in our continued commitment to ordain women and men equally.

We strongly affirm and adopt the action of the NAD Executive Committee of Nov. 6, 2018, regarding the General Conference’s action, “Regard for and Practice of General Conference Session and General Conference Executive Committee Actions.” We express our appreciation to the NAD leadership and delegates to the NAD Year-end meeting for their attentiveness and commitment to these issues.

We echo the North American Division leadership in stating that this newly devised and approved "compliance process" does not follow the biblical values proclaimed by the Protestant reformers and the founders of the Adventist Church.

The Pacific Union Conference will continue to support the implementation of General Conference Working Policy B 95, which sets forward our long-settled practice for the resolution of conflict, and we call on our conferences and institutions to act in accordance with this policy.

Voted by the Pacific Union Conference Executive Committee

November 15, 2018


Action taken on Tithe Parity

Voted, to recommend to the Union Committee that we communicate with the NAD officers that as changes in tithe towards parity is achieved, the tithe going back to the Division will be totally remitted to the conferences through the Union.

Voted by the Pacific Union Conference Executive Committee

November 15, 2018


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This is my kind of Union leadership!!!

I am proud of my Union. They do not toy with serious issues like discrimination. Thank you for being a civilized group of Christians who do not tolerate discrimination of our women!!!


do we know the margin of PUC’s vote to affirm NAD’s battle creek response…i wonder if it was as overwhelming as NPUC’s…

also, the stipulation that as tithing parity is achieved, tithe returned to NAD should be totally remitted to PUC’s conferences may represent a sticking point…i’m not sure NAD delegates had that in mind when they voted to pursue tithe parity negotiations with the GC…i think they were thinking that NAD would take ownership of returned tithe and divvy it up according to where it deemed it was needed most, irrespective of points of origin…

I think it was unanimous.


Was the apostle Paul in a fleshly /carnal mode when he wrote his alleged misogynist verses in Timothy & Titus?

I wonder what % of Spectrum participants have ever read the most significant parts, or even any of the 124 page TOSC report from June 2014

The GC should move to Africa where the greatest membership is. The workers can live cheaply there so more tithe will be available for evangelism. Living in Silver Spring is very expensive! NAD should be left to its own culture to reach its inhabitants. Possibly missionaries can come from Africa as needed…


The GC might wish to consider moving to S America rather than Africa. If ADCOM becomes more representative as advocated on Fulcrunm7, it would have a lot of Spanish speakers who might prefer this. Cost savings might not be as great but still substantial. The main thing is to get away from the high costs and liberal influence of the NAD Unions. Any present GC officials from NAD area (2-3) still on ADCOM could commute to present homes for the weekends if desired or visit on trips to other divisions. Creative solutions are available for most problems that might arise. There is no advantage to warrant keeping the GC in North America. Liberate them to serve the world church better.


It seems to me that if all of the SDA Union Conferences adopted this same policy of remaining stalwart in support of our churches, schools, conferences, and all of our workers AND resolve to commit to ordain women and men equally, the General Conference would have no problem. Everyone would be in “compliance”.


unless we see the numbers, we can’t be so sure…sandie roberts was re-elected with less than 80% of the votes…obviously there’s at least some conflict in parts of PUC…

Seems this response is quite rather spammish, c/p from another thread.

…here or there, it makes me want to ask if Mr Gideon Jr has also transcended fleshly/carnal mode (whatever that is) when he alleges exclusively possessing secret knowledge and powers, unlike we illiterate, unread cultural commoners in SpectrumWorld?

But, despite my querious fleshliness, I’ll not ask.
I simply want to, though.

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There is a children’s Gospel song— What a Friend We Have in Jesus.Ted has rewritten it to be What a Friend We Have in Roberts Rules Of Order. Tithe is the only tool NAD has to get any attention. ;That kind of dire consequence will get some attention quickly.Cash flow makes a sound getter.

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Word from the union meeting is that the resolution supporting the NAD resolution was “unanimous” but I don’t have the vote numbers


that would be almost 600 delegates voting to support NAD…quite impressive…

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Not to be pedantic, but it’s been fairly obvious that all union responses this autumn have been union Committees, not union constituencies.

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this is an important distinction…maybe the 600 delegates of PUC is constituency delegates, and not committee delegates (that would make sense, actually)…

i hope we see both committee and constituency votes eventually…i would think that constituency votes would be more significant, although committees must have some sense of how their constituencies feel…

Union constituencies in the Pacific and Columbia already voted in supermajorities to ordain women. This is a moot point. Do you think they would vote to punish themselves for their own votes?


good point…(twenty characters)

80% re-election doesn’t mean there is conflict. Can you look at any recent US election where 80% wasn’t considered a landslide? I think that is a greater number than her original election as President of the SECC.

I’ll note that it is very possible that the 20% who didn’t vote for her may not have done so, simply because they don’t want to be in conflict with the GC and not because they either support the GC’s position on WO or because they don’t think she is qualified to lead.


i think avoiding conflict with the GC is the entire reason…but this is significant in terms of whether the whole union is on board with support for NAD…