Pacific Union Officials Decline Inclusion in SDA Yearbook; Stand in Solidarity with President Sandra Roberts

(Elmer Cupino) #229

Since you are not in leadership, I would strongly suggest to refrain from coming through as if you were in authority as your posts clearly shows.

(Tim Teichman) #230

Yes, that’s what I wrote. You’re not by brother. I have one brother. His name is Walter.

You may be part of the body of Christ, but you are not the Body of Christ. I have not “refused you”, another confusing statement.

You continue to accuse me of things I have not done / have only done in your imagination. It’s getting ridiculous.

(Greg Cox) #231

since you lack the discernment of asking the appropriate party questions about authority, I would highly suggest you refrain from asking questions you know you will not absorb. Bother me no longer please - your banterings are not fruitful or uplifting to the Body of Christ.

(Greg Cox) #232

I have many brothers and sisters in the body of Christ. We don’t always agree, but we do agree to set our differences aside to help each other press into the kingdom. I would invite you into that spirit of unity if you desire, and not allow disagreements to devolve into person division. Peace and blessings.

(Tim Teichman) #233

That’s a lot coming from you. Have you read your posts? You’ve created the biggest storm here in a long time, arguing with almost everyone.

(Greg Cox) #234

if we talk about truth and facts then sign me up! Our church is in dire straights because it sorely lacks scriptural knowledge. How many hear actually know what Yom Kippur is and how it applies to the Sanctuary Doctrine? Several here think that mixing the Holy with the Most Holy is insignificant and inconsequential.

(Elmer Cupino) #235

I certainly will do so.

Unlike mine, continue with your “banterings” since yours are “fruitful and uplifting to the Body of Christ.”’

Have you read your posts?

(Tim Teichman) #236

How about faith and grace?

Why do you think that? Because you’re sure you have a special knowledge that eludes the rest of us? I think there are some other reasons.

It’s not a big secret:

Still, Adventists and most Christians ignore most of the Jewish holy days. And most of the Law. And even some of the detail in even the 10 commandments. Nothing new there!

You keep bringing that up over and over. I still haven’t found your post where you actually define the issue. Seems like splitting hairs to me.

(George Tichy) #237

@elmer_cupino was not bothering you, absolutely not. It’s just that it’s time for you to understand that coming here to bump on everyone’s rear as if we were all a bunch of uneducated people, and you the only one illuminated, this is not going to work for you.

You keep showing this façade of theological/biblical authority, but refuse to tell us your credentials - if ANY! Nah, nah, this is not going to work for you.

I understand your frustration. You are not the first one coming here as a hurricane with some new heresy, trying to make followers by yelling louder than anyone else. This is not going to work for you.

Also, it didn’t take much time to see through the glass and find out that you were promoting some ideas from a “stellar” preacher. Bad, bad job. You were not able to disguise the “mission” for long enough.

(George Tichy) #238

As predicted, this individual is here only to promote some strange (but not unknown) agenda. Also consider this statement,

If this is the case, why is he actually an Adventist, a member of a Church that lacks scriptural knowledge? But we know well that this is not the first of a kind to land here. Remember the “psychiatrist” tornado that lasted 2 or 3 days, and was supposed to come back after a trip? Did he die on that trip? Because we never heard from him again.

Those adventurers show up once in a while, but they soon disappear. Matter of a little time. :smirk:

(Elmer Cupino) #239

On the other hand, Adventism also has a touch of grandeurism, the belief that we are the chosen people of God, “the remnant church” while the rest are not so this could be a factor that draws believers the likes of @GregCox to our faith and begin to teach us “scriptural knowledge.” Then when you explore with them their thought of reasoning, they tell you to bug off because it is not “uplifting to the body of Christ” and suddenly disappear. I’m beginning to believe in the eschatological term “rapture.”

I wish Mr. Cox would return and share his “scriptural knowledge” instead of teaching us. I yearn for the truth.

(George Tichy) #240

Likewise here. After seeing so many cases of “sudden disappearance” I am also reconsidering my views on “rapture.” It seems so real… LOL

That “touch of grandeurism” you mentioned is so true. I usually call it “spiritual arrogance.” It’s a damaging (chosen) attitude that collides head-on with the so much preached (and pretended…) humbleness. Though, wouldn’t “humble arrogance” be an oxymoron?

(le vieux) #241

This is Spectrum. What do you expect? It’s nearly impossible to avoid arguing with most of those who post here, since they are opposed to Adventists beliefs, and routinely attack and disparage them. There is also a tendency to misconstrue what’s been said, feign offense, and demand an apology. It’s no longer enjoyable.

(reliquum) #242

Choice to not argue is every posters own right

Perhaps they are opposed to ones claiming the falsehood of owning “TRUE” beliefs

Perhaps the mistake is confusing umbrage with what appears to be poorly defended false belief and misconstruing it as personal offense.

There is a way to debate belief, even political or religious, without putting on victims 3 piece seersucker suit, retreating into constrictive chain mail, or offensive “holier than thou” collar.
It may well be those you perceive as “hating adventism” in fact have a deep love for her, and are willing to recognize 1844 was not our sole mistake, but perhaps the inevitable first disappointment.

God loves her, despite her unfaithfulness, of this I remain convinced. You, nor I, or the president, or any amazing preacher cannot stop her adulteries-

(Tim Teichman) #243

It is not anyone’s job here to defend the church, or to evaluate others and determine their opposition or support of Adventist beliefs.

I’d say it’s difficult to tell when someone misconstrues what’s been written or just misunderstands. If you think someone didn’t understand your post, it’s probably best to restate it using different language.

When someone states they’re offended and it’s not obviously comical, they probably are.

Yes, there have been several posters here that quite literally and in so many words demanded apologies from those who disagreed with them or who made statements that were not apologetic and challenged the church. GregCox the most prominent of those in recent memory. I also find that very difficult. It’s one thing to express that you perceive you were attacked and express unhappiness, but to then continue and demand an apology for oneself is inappropriate, IMO. That’s true in almost any situation, not just here.

If you’re not having fun here, why be here?

P.S. Your cactus looks like its giving everyone the bird.

(le vieux) #244

That’s your problem for having your mind in the gutter. I chose it because I find Saguaros majestic. It never even entered my mind that anyone would take it in a vulgar way. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. This is Spectrum, after all.

I’ve curtailed my activity here considerably.

(Cfowler) #245

It certainly does! :rofl: I mean, really…how could anybody not see that?

(le vieux) #246

Classic example of misconstruing one’s words. You left out one very important word. I said “nearly” impossible, not completely impossible. When the majority of posts are antagonistic toward SDA beliefs, there are 2 choices, agree (not gonna happen) or dispute what’s been said. Well, there is one other choice: go somewhere else, which is what most conservatives have done. It’s no longer a friendly environment for those who still believe in the pillars of the Advent faith.

(Tim Teichman) #247

I don’t perceive it as a problem, nor something the begs for a solution. It just is.

(reliquum) #248

Choice to not argue is nearly every posters right.
Others can’t help it, perhaps.

As a movement (a term endeared upon us by our founder, dear Mrs Ellen) we ought be capable of debate without rancor, and understanding that concretions in doctrinal thinking is anathema to “movement”.

I do understand that there are some who deny this characterization of our faith community, and demand a king and creed to make it simple. I’m quite certain God invites us to another place.

Perhaps the silences of God speak more than all the clamor of men. He calls us to the outside edge of our comfort zones, out of our couch of complacency, all of us. Useless to try to sink deeper into their comfortable and friendly easy chairs square in the center of their anechoic chambers…God will send more to discomfit the anesthetized, the asleep, the assured.

In closing, I will share a specific observation-it is almost impossible to carry dialog with someone who continually inserts their pet assumptions into every line. Such as “those of us” (you mean yourself, despite you say “those of us”-you honestly can not and do not speak for anyone but yourself) who “still believe” (again, you mean if someone does not publicly state they believe exactly as you say, they no longer believe) in the "pillars of the adventist faith’ (pillars which you deem to define, narrow, and defend.)

It IS a tiresome task, quixotically slaying the many foes of your own creation.
Has anyone told you there is rest? Rocinante deserved the rest, even Don Quixote realized that the windmill would stop if he ceased being such a blowhard.