Pacific Union Officials Decline Inclusion in SDA Yearbook; Stand in Solidarity with President Sandra Roberts

(George Tichy) #293

Simple question:

Have YOU read Ford’s Glacier View document in full?
YES ____
NO ____

Please just say Y or N. Don’t need to write a long comment on Ford. Just tel us if YOU read that document or not.

(Elmer Cupino) #294

Is the house open for bets? We can make a big drive and fund Spectrum’s finances solely on bets based on uninformed opinions by “knowledgeable” believers.

(George Tichy) #296

Because there is a pattern, we can bet and always win!!!
As our beloved and also “illuminated” POTUS always says, “we will see!” …
But, let’s keep this in mind:

(reliquum) #297

Oh come now, how low a blow will you go?
To besmirch our president with THIS! :wink:

Of course, he also seems to represent some of the Hillaryisms, to wit

Perhaps we ought place side bets on his political bent?
(I’ll hold the money, could go either way!

(reliquum) #298

Education, apparently, even from esteemed institutions, seems inadequate to help some folk.

(Tim Teichman) #299

Uh huh.

(Greg Cox) #301

yes - completed it Friday. It’s a trainwreck for those who believe in the Received Text and Masoric, a sheer delight to those who believe the Vaticanus and Alexandrian are “authentic”.

(Greg Cox) #303

then why don’t you try to learn George? Most folks who claim to defend a certain position usually know at least a bare minimum about it to discuss it. Have you a clue about the LXX versus Masoretic which Ford hinged (or un-hinged, actually) his train wreck theology on?

(Greg Cox) #304

you wrote this about the LXX-MS comparo:
“I am not confused by this and have seen you post this before, but you don’t explain why it’s an issue. I do not know what your hang up with this tiny little change is. For all I know the best translation is Most Holy Place based on context within the source language.”

RESPONSE: tiny little change? Ford’s entire insult to the IJ and the actual function of Yom Kippur revolves around this tiny little change. If you haven’t a clue about it then perhaps study up first. Do you even know what happens in the Most Holy? It’s a simple question.

(Greg Cox) #305

I’ve laid out the basic tenant of Ford’s argument - it’s Lv 16:16-17 in the LXX and the MSS: you can read it, see that alterations then decide for yourself. If you can’t “see it” I’m not sure what more I can do for you. One must have a basic understanding of the temple structure and the path of the High Priest from the outer to the most holy in sequence to “see it”. Perhaps this convo is too rich for you to begin with, can I recommend this website?

(Tim Teichman) #306

I din’t know why I should need to study up on the IJ. What would that accomplish?

I don’t know what happens in the Holy places, or what you think happens, or what really happens, or why you think anything happens, or why you think it matters at all.

(Tim Teichman) #307

Repeatedly referring to a bible text is not an answer the the questions I’ve asked. I have seen the ‘alterations’, don’t accept that they are any such thing, and still have no idea why you think it’s important or what you think is different in the very slight wording change. In all your posts here I think you have made no effort to answer that question, which has been asked of you many times.

(George Tichy) #308

HaHa Tim, this is probably why someone told you elsewhere, “Perhaps this convo is too rich for you to begin with,”… :wink: :innocent:

(Johnny Carson) #316

Interesting postulation. :open_mouth: hardly valid.

(Johnny Carson) #317

Exactly! In the overall scheme of things it really carries no consequence whatsoever. To some itnis informative. It’s just to bad some of them attempt to hinge eveyone else’s connection to salvation to understanding the minutia exactly the way they, themselves claim to understand it. Seems abusive to me.

(George Tichy) #318

Address please.

(reliquum) #319

Not sure of status of ClubAdventist, may have changed name to Adventistan. My mention of it recalls its heydays some 5 or more years hence…

(Greg Cox) #321

yes, I downloaded it and read it. Have you?

(George Tichy) #322

Yes Sir.Twice. I got a hard copy in 1980 I believe, that’s when I studied it the first time. Years later I went through it again.
Since you read it you probably made your mind about it, right? That’s it. Whatever your conclusion is, it’s OK.
I made my conclusion as well, long time ago.

(George Tichy) #327

Let’s just keep reading the book of HEBREWS. No comments necessary. :+1: