Pacific Union Officials Decline Inclusion in SDA Yearbook; Stand in Solidarity with President Sandra Roberts

(Greg Cox) #169

I asked you first; “so are you claiming that female spiritual headship is acceptable? Based on what? A “feeling”?”

I’m curious to read your response.

(George Tichy) #170

Oh, come on Elmer! This is not fair! Why are you avoiding those reliable sources?
You seem obsessed with Bible texts only. You probably need to see a shrink indeed… :wink:

(Elmer Cupino) #171

What I am saying is there are no biblical texts claiming both Male and/or Female Headships. It all is a mental image, a secret unsealed by independent ministries to forward their own biblical agenda.

Please prove me wrong by citing biblical texts.

(Elmer Cupino) #172

Whenever I wish to, I just talk to myself.

(Greg Cox) #173

I’m afraid you, like the pharisees who demanded a sign before they would believe, will not believe any scripture that will help you.

According to scripture: we have no female Priest
According to scripture: we have no female church leaders, only deacons

Now can you show me where in scripture it allows Female spiritual headship?

How far do you really want to go with this? Are you really wanting to believe what scripture teaches?

(George Tichy) #174

Hey Elmer, don’t lose your sleep waiting for any answer. You will not get it, and you know it.
Go to bed, enjoy the dreams. We know well that the real issue is not either WO or the Headship thing. It’s all exclusively about POWER & CONTROL. And, as we know professionally, this issue is not going to be resolved on a blog, but only on the couch!

(Elmer Cupino) #175

That is your conclusion that involves mental contortion. I need biblical texts.



(Elmer Cupino) #177

Goodnight. I’m on call this weekend. I’m out …

(Greg Cox) #178

certainly! As soon as you provide scripture that allows female priests in the OT and female spiritual headship in the NT. yawnnnnn…

(George Tichy) #179

How can he believe what Scripture teaches if you do not provide him @elmer_cupino the verses that prove male headship?

(Greg Cox) #180

It’s about Power and Control? Brother, I expected better from you. So evil, women hating men are running the show huh? That was a very intelligent post brother, really spot on.


Ummm…yeah…typo, George…

(George Tichy) #182

FYI, I am a Licensed Psychologist, and one of my fields of expertise is DOMESTIC VIOLENCE - which is ALL about MALE Power & Control. For 12 years my full time job was treating males who were sent by the Courts, to be professionally treated. I graduated 1,854 males in the 52-week 2-hours a week group therapy.

Therefore, let me tell you this, when a person asks, “It’s about Power and Control?” and says with arrogance, “Brother, I expected better from you,” I already know one thing: that person has absolutely no education/experience on the issue. Otherwise they wouldn’t be asking that question.

(George Tichy) #183

Oh thanks Cassie. I am going to correct it right now. :wink:

Done! :slight_smile:

(Greg Cox) #184

equating WO with domestic violence is frankly deplorable George. Yes, I did expect better from you but apparently that is your MO. So be it. The GC has no connections with using domestic violence against anyone promoting WO, your petards have exploded in your face brother with your hilarious comparo. And if your education served you appropriately then you would know that 40 +/- % of domestic violence is from women. Have a great rest.

(George Tichy) #185

Since you are such an expert in all those areas, I have no option other than just bow down and let you spit all your knowledge on others. Go ahead, Sir.

(Greg Cox) #186

Brother, don’t grovel - it’s unbecoming and frankly emasculating. Can we stick to the subject instead?


Are you sure you…um…fixed it…?:thinking:

Never mind…

(Elmer Cupino) #188

Whereas people like you believe that which is not nor was ever in the bible. Prove me wrong by citing biblical texts without mental contortions and gymnastics or is time for you to consult with your own shrink?