Pacific Union President Ricardo Graham Announces Retirement

In addition to the two LatinX presidents at the Southern and Central Califorences, there is also a LatinX VP at the PUC head office, At least one LatinX VP in the NAD. I’m guessing you’ve already heard of the existence of an NAD Hispanic pastors association through Ron Lawson’s account of conference elections in New York. So, how sure are we they’re not gearing up to put forward one of their own? Just saying.

Speaking of americanized constituents in LA and San Fran, there’s also Sacramento and Fresno. And Mentone church near Loma Linda?

So, what’s the point? How do I really feel? Inter-ethnic rivalry, conflicts over differing ideologies may be useful to lobbyists and church politicians. Is this helpful to those of us who sit in the pews? It’s complicated. I wish there were term limits to all elected officials. Two terms in the same office should be sufficient for every one. Across the board all the way from the GC to divisions, unions and local conferences.

well, no doubt you’re right that these things are always political…but if we must be political, a roberts PUC presidency is unquestionably the strongest statement possible…it sounds like all of PUC is basically latinx, which means their turn will come in any case…

this may not be wise…i think it takes a term or two for people to figure out what a job involves, and what opportunities it may provide…long-term office holders are usually more effective than newbies, from what i’ve seen…keep in mind, constituents would barely know who their office holders are after just 2 terms…

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