Pastor Alex Golovenko on Ukraine—Adventist Voices

Pastor Alex Golovenko was born in Ukraine and leads the Windsor Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada. This week on the Adventist Voices podcast, he shares how the Russian invasion is affecting his own family and the larger Ukrainian Adventist community. He also discusses the ongoing violence and the parameters of a just response, along with offering some hope via his favorite scripture.

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Thank you Pastor Golovenko…I learned what it means to be a Christian in this time of Ukrainian catastrophe. It is you, a Soviet veteran soldier and a proud patriot of your country, that reminds Adventists of the US, Canada and the world that our decision to be non combatants is sacred. This faith and determination to live for Jesus alone is very stirring. I pray for your family, all Ukrainian Adventists and other Christians, and, frankly, ourselves. I have already heard from a church brother who seems to be advocating military responses that would lead to nuclear war.

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