Patient Monitoring Tech Lets COVID-19 Patients Recover from Home

With increasing knowledge about COVID-19 have come advancements in care that are changing the way people recover from the virus—and helping curb its spread. At the onset of the pandemic, the two options for recovery involved either a hospital stay or total isolation at home, leaving many with nothing in between.

To help relieve this pain point for consumers, AdventHealth began to offer at-home patient monitoring that provides for peace of mind and the safety of a care team, along with the comfort of staying in one’s own home, filling a potentially dangerous gap in coronavirus care.

After assessing patients’ conditions, AdventHealth is able to provide them with an oximeter, thermometer and app that keeps them connected with a nurse who can monitor their biometrics and help guide them through their COVID-19 recovery safely.

“This technology is a significant step in AdventHealth’s consumer-focused transformation that aims to extend clinical care beyond the walls of its hospitals,” said Reetu Singh, MD, senior medical director of clinical documentation integrity for AdventHealth, who was responsible for developing the clinical protocols and overseeing the rollout. “Patients are kept connected with their 24/7 care team who can intervene before a health episode occurs. The information and insights gained from this monitoring can also be extremely helpful in the event that the patient needs more acute care.”

While the benefit to the patient is clear, such as improved outcomes and reduced need for hospital readmission, the technology also helps health care professionals and the community.

“By safely monitoring lower-severity COVID-19-positive patients or persons under investigation (PUI) from their homes, health care workers can focus their efforts on higher acuity patients in the hospital, reduce their exposure to the virus, preserve personal protective equipment and ensure enough hospital beds are available to those in the community who need them,” Dr. Singh said.

Mary Pinkerton, senior manager of clinical support and patient safety for AdventHealth, led the implementation and deployment of the remote monitoring nursing teams, assembling a team who could provide both clinical and emotional support remotely to patients recovering at home.

“At a time when the world was living in such anxiety and unknown, we knew there was a need that we could uniquely meet to help keep people safe and ease their mind using the latest in connected care technology,” Pinkerton said. “We could hear in our patients’ voices that they needed emotional support at times through their recovery as well. Our remote monitoring nurses were there for their patients however they were needed, whether it be an encouraging message to lift their spirits, joining in prayer or even singing happy birthday to those alone on their special day.”

So far, over 8,000 patients have used at-home monitoring to safely recover from COVID-19 at home with the care of an AdventHealth nurse. As the pandemic introduces new challenges and opportunities to provide individualized care, the health system plans to continue implementing more consumer-centric offerings that meet patients where they’re at, even at home.


This article originally appeared on the AdventHealth website and is reprinted here with permission.

Images courtesy of AdventHealth.


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Numerous people I have spoken to that have had the virus have stated that it was no different than the flu for 1 to 3 day. They simply took Vitamin D, C and zinc supplements.
Turns out that the only alarming things about this virus is that it spreads quickly. Only the very old and very sickly people have real serious results from this virus. Doctors are reporting that if hydroxychloraquine and zinc are taken in the early stages this virus is easily managed and this is a must for any very old or very sick people.

Do you mind kindly giving sources?

It is the same things that Fox news and the Trump task force have been saying…

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Meanwhile the death count exponentially climbs.

Sure, WIBA 1310 am has a talk show every weekday afternoon and there have been about 3 MD’s on different occasions that have been using different therapeutic treatments. Great results! One recently stated that if the hydroxy/zinc combination had been used right from the start countless lives by the hundreds of thousands of these older and sicklier people could have been saved. He has not had one death from the hundreds of patients he has worked with. Unfortunately this can only be counted as a learning curve but some just never learn.

No it does not. The graphs show a basically flat movement. The cases do exponentially climb, but that is not a problem, only a fear fuel. Can you show a graph to validate your claim?

Fair enough. The statement was actually predictive given the earlier behavior of the graphs. The death rose with the infection and hospital admitting data only weeks later. The graphs so far have been mirror images. Of course the death rates are only a percentage of the infection and hospitalization rates, the still follow similar curves.

Just wait a few weeks.

One thing that is being learned is that excessive mask wearing is increasing the spread of the virus. See The Case Against Masks by Dr. Judy A. Mikovits and Kent Heckenlively.
I have thought for quite awhile now that masks quickly store virus and other junk that lead to a concentration of junk to inhale. And the moist environment from breathing is so very welcoming to the junk, needless to say the carbon dioxide being inhaled over and over. It is science but also logic and common sense.
It appears that the great leadership with a business person’s approach will result in a useful vaccine and the leader may not be in the position to receive the proper credit. The vote results have shown the fruition of the past decade or two of the dumbing down of America and Trump may very well be removed with the fraudulent election. Oh well, the end of the world has been prophesied so it will eventually come. Heaven is our true home.

If that were true, then here in Melbourne, Australia, we’d have more cases and not less since mandatory mask wearing was introduced. Melbourne had a serious outbreak of COVID-19, and after the strict lockdown and the use of masks, we’re now at 0 cases and 0 deaths for 16 straight days.


@truthisfreedom Yes warmer months have begun, but it’s not summer yet. Notice what I was addressing. You made the claim “that excessive mask wearing is increasing the spread of the virus.” I showed that that isn’t true. And now you make another claim, further hurting your position: Summer, with the help of vitamin D, will help reduce those number, possibly to the level we have here in Australia. So no excessive mask wearing, and with the help of summer (vitamin D) will reduce the numbers to that of something similar to what Australia and New Zealand have?

Well America has had just that: summer coupled with non-excessive mask wearing and your numbers continue to skyrocket. Neither helped to lower the transmission. You can continue to rummage through the internet looking for doctors to validate your theory, or look outside the US and notice what other nations are doing, and make a sound judgement that way. Not saying it’s perfect; but it’s sure better to what you’re doing.

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Your comments and a couple of others I use as examples of the level of thinking present in the US.

I have shared this one over the weekend with folks here in Japan and in particular with a few doctors at the Tokyo SDA hospital and with a writer at Fuji TV who comments on US affairs.

All express shock and dismay at both the lack of education and the level of indifference expressed in these comments. They are especially surprised by the obstinate denial and self deception that are apparent in a country that has led the world in the past. They are surprised that the type of thinking expressed here in this forum could be from fellow Adventist and professionals. All have said it is not the America they met or worked with in the past nor do these comments fit in with clinical knowledge and standards practices.

The level of blind devotion to the Trump ideology and denial of reality harken back to the pre-war days here. People here have learned that lesson the hard way and to see so many Americans engaged in the kind of fanatical beliefs is very troubling. That Americans in mass have lost their moral compass and reject the very principles of what made them great in the world is truly shameful and will leave a lasting impression for many years to come.

The non-Christian people I have talked to have all said that the comments couldn’t possibly be from Christians let alone SDA’s. I will quote the head of infectious diseases from Tokyo University “Shameless indifference and blind devotion are not virtues neither do they make America great and they especially bring harm to the cause of God. That so many in America have no remorse or concern for the sick and dying is a sign of sick and dangerous society.”


However, it is quite amazing how so many doctors here in the USA validate what I have been saying about covid. The science shows it to be valid also.
Shutting schools down = really dumb idea. Only the sick should stay away from school.
Closing businesses = dumb idea. Only the sick should stay away from businesses.
Wearing masks more than an hour a day = dumb idea. It becomes a virus warehouse increasing the chance of inhaling concentrations of viruses and other micro junk.
Washing hands often = great idea, I wash my face too and do not have a beard.
Keeping distance = great idea, especially if you are sick.
Very weak or sickly = stay home for now and get sunshine/fresh air and regularly take supplements C,D,zinc.
Contracted the virus = get on the hydroxychloraquine/zinc regimen immediately (origin is not from USA).

Read this book, then come back to this subject.

We probably have cleaner air than Japan so if they wear masks they likely need them for particulates. I am shocked and dismayed at the lack of logic and common sense and not following the science as some do.

This is an entirely false statement and shows vast ignorance from the head of infectious diseases at Tokyo University.

I implore everyone to pray for the leadership and our country that has been challenged by a party of corruption, violence, and election fraud. I worry that someday soon the better behaved people are going to suddenly fight back against the violence and bloodshed will be rampant.

Correct me if I am wrong, your season is beginning summer now? Vitamin D and more sunshine slowed our covid cases this past summer too. Soak in the D now!

Thank you for your reply. I just texted your comment out and the ensuing laughter and feedback was worth the wait. The comment you made just reinforced that the level of thinking expressed look even dumber, dangerously irresponsible and ignorant of the world around you.

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Did you read the book?

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