Paulsen visits Cuba

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From Adventist News Network:A recently retired pastor, Alvarez was given a hero's welcome for his contribution to a Seventh-day Adventist congregation, which on Sunday, November 4, officially dedicated a new church. Once a political advisor to the leaders of the Cuban revolution, Alvarez returned to celebrate a victory of God in a town at the foothills of Sierra Maestra Mountains in Southeastern Cuba.[snip]Speaking at the opening session of the IAD meeting, Paulsen recognized the church's "strong focus on mission." He also emphasized the church's need to "build strong communities and meet the world from a position of strength." He continued the theme of Adventist involvement in society when addressing a representation of the state and local government on Sunday. "We don't carry a political agenda. As a church, we are aware that while we are a spiritual community, we are committed to building society," he said. Referring to "positive engagement in society," Paulsen added that Adventists "want to make a contribution to communities, and to make communities more secure."

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