“Permission to Dream” — Trans-European Division Releases Video

As the conversation about Women’s Ordination and Compliance reaches megaphone level, is there not a Holy Spirit prompting to take a step back and reflect, “Is this my church?” Has it really come to a point where we feel the need to produce just another quick-fire video, to remind the viewer of what, by now, is nothing new under the sun?

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Well done and to the point of Christsin life and living individually and collectively. Unsaid was the current Investigative mood of the General Conference that impinges on many of the marks of an active church. The point is leadership should lift up not put down or label.

Thank you, Trans-European Division. This God inspired dream finds its reality in the love of God, poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit who lives in us because we died with Christ and we rose with Him in newness of His resurrection life. To love the way Christ loved and loves us is the path to unity. Surely this is Christ’s dream for His church.


If we are not constantly dreaming of what might be, we are without Spirit and dead inside.

Every local church, every Conference, every Union, every Division and the GC needs to be dreaming constantly.


Huh, the title of the video reminds me of a famous statement made by the first president of the independent country of Slovenia - my home country. It was the night of the ceremonial declaration of the independence. President Kučan said: “Tonight you have the permission to dream, but tomorrow is an other day.” And tomorrow happened to be another day. The tanks rolled through the streets of capital and fighter jets thundered across the sky. The independence still had to be won - unfortunately by and through war.
Maybe we have the permission to dream, but tomorrow will surely be another day. May God help us!


The only GC’s dream is currently to centralize power, to persecute anyone who dares to disagree with the GC (noncompliance), to alienate those who support WO, to keep male headship alive, and to make sure the LGT heresy corrupts the whole Church.

The GC’s dream is currently the Church’s worst NIGHTMARE!!!

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But, sooner or later, Pravda vítězí!

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Beautiful and inspirational Christian message…not a whisper of negativity. This is the way to spread the Good News with confidence and joy!

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hmmm, isn’t that libelous? Aren’t you putting Spectrum in legal jeopardy by that statement? I thought the moderators were careful that unfounded and/or “uncalled for” statements of callous disregard were censored. After all, the General Conference in session did vote in the following manner:

Is it acceptable for DIVISION executive committees, as they may deem it appropriate in their territories, to make provision for the ordination of women to the gospel ministry? Yes or No

At the conclusion of the vote the count was as follows:

  • No: 1381 (58%)
  • YES: 977 (41%)
  • Abstain: 5 (~ 1%)
  • Total: 2363

After the general council meeting in Acts 15 reached the conclusion that it was not necessary for Gentiles to be circumcised, I wonder what “some of the sect of the Pharisees who believed” did? After all, Peter said this, Paul too, then James noted a few things in the affirmative. JUST THREE MEN, and they sent out a letter making the decision OF JUST THREE MEN final.

I wonder what “some of the sect of the Pharisees who believed” (whose CONSCIENCE was not represented, even acknowledged, in the final correspondence to the churches) did in response?


And we are discovering the truth and the truth shall make us free.

The truth is the greatest defense again libel.

James, what in the list is not the truth?


Perhaps, the only part that may be incorrect is: "The only GC’s dream is currently". They may have even more “aspirations” than are on George’s list. :roll_eyes:

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"hmmm, isn’t that libelous? Aren’t you putting Spectrum in legal jeopardy by that statement?"

Why? It is his “opinion” as a commenter and how does that put Spectrum into a “legal jeopardy”?? Ridiculous, James.


James –
George’s List may NOT be what many working at the Silver Springs
Building are aware,
BUT IT IS the end result of what will happen when the Full Implementation
of the Actions take place by the Leadership of the SDA church.

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Sharing my slightly edited post from elsewhere regarding this video because I like this conversation, too…

Now this is how to embrace unity in the church … seeking a common dream, rather than seeking a common orthodoxy. And it works! Right there in this video, leading off the segment on the expectant church is … drum roll … Ted Wilson … yes, our G. C. president. (watch the video and then watch the credits) And he may never have publicly seemed happier!

Dreams are about shared faith, shared hope, and pure love. Dreams are the essence of the expectant church. Dreams are the effervescence of truth that slips past the compliance guards over at the the prison of policy without them even noticing.

We old people have dreams. It is the young who prophesy and who have visions. (Joel 2:28). There is a reason. The young have unlived decades to fulfill our dreams so God ordains that they are the ones who have visions and who prophesy. We do well to ask them to describe their vision for the church, their prophesy (in oldest forms, of religious ecstasy with or without song and music; later, essentially religious instruction, with occasional predictions) for the church.

And we do well to trust them. And to cheer them on by God’s grace.

We also do well to take heart from the experience of the very first Seventh-day Adventists (before they even knew about the Sabbath) who woke up the morning after October 22, 1844, to discover that “the most sublime experience of the presence of God of our lifetime” the night before had survived and been made more vivid by having had everything they were committed to from their study of scripture “blasted” (their word) away the night before.

This may be worth remembering, especially every time it feels like another midnight in denominational history. This video about dreams seems perfectly timed. We Seventh-day Adventists trace our roots to people across many generations who refused to be distracted by orthodoxy when embracing their dreams of an expectant church.

Looks like it’s time again to light a candle and rush to the darkness.


I have the impression that your question aimed to trigger some kind of wrath from Spectrum against me. Creating division on the camp that one does not agree with is usually a tactic that works. Usually…, but not here. Here it is nothing but an empty threat that will be easily identified as a mere attempt to coerce and to subvert freedom of speech/thinking/expression. I bet you will get some comments on it from other posters too.

But just keep an eye on the GC, then tell me which part of my prediction did not happen before Jun/2020. Hope to hear from you at that time…


I already got a proper “indulgence” to protect me against both the Committees, and the Kommandos as well. Being just a local church member, and not an employee, protects anyone against the fury of the lovely and dedicated “black suited brothers upstairs.” I say “brothers” because I am sure women will not participate of the “Teddist Crusade.”

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Kim, I am just reading Jan Hus’ biography. It’s very revealing of how some people would threat those who “dare to express their opinions”… :roll_eyes:

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