Perspective: Can a Church Survive if It Gives Up Its Sectarian Identity?

(Andrew) #263

‘A Grief Observed’ , ‘Mere Christianity’, ‘The Problem of Pain’.

I like his logical way of thinking. He cuts through complex topics with ease and makes them digestible for lesser intellects such as myself.

(Andrew) #264

Oh, and ‘Surprised by Joy’ is a great read. Really connects you to your childhood wonder.

(Kim Green) #265

I am aware that the model has its advantages…but it does have its disadvantages as well. There are certain professions that you will be barred from without a college degree but if a professional route isn’t your thing- then there is no issue. Are you a product of a self-supporting school program, OrangeMan?

Don’t think that it is a big drain on the economy but there are advantages to a shorter, less costly education.

There are always some that cannot fit into regular society for one reason or another in the self-supporting circles. Yes, there are big advantages to a work/study type education but I think that it isn’t superior to that of other educational programs but rather what fits the individual and their goals.


I’m reading through the great controversy. Makes way more sense than C.S. Lewis ever will.

Step to Christ, Desire of Ages as well as the entire conflict of the ages series are all great reads. I love how she starts with the beginning of the world and works through the ages all the way to our time and beyond. The way she explains in such striking detail and beauty the plan of salvation from beginning to end is truly breath taking.

I don’t care what others might say; those books cannot be beat!

(Andrew) #267

I know you don’t…

(Kim Green) #268

It might be a stretch to claim that EGW books cannot be beat if you have not actually read them, OrangeMan :slight_smile:


I have read all the books I mentioned so I should know.

(Kim Green) #270

It sounded as if you had already branded them “unreadable” before you read them. However what exactly was it that made you decide that they weren’t worthy of reading, etc., and only EGW was?


I am a product of the self supporting movement and I’m proud of the fact. Give a self supporting school good leadership and I will prosper. Ellen White has a lot to say about self supporting schools and their work in the end time. The books Gospel Workers and Education are good examples. I also believe that if the government could see a good working self supporting school in operation, there would be no problems getting accreditation.

Debt is the biggest drain on the economy mainly because of the people that are not able to pay it back on time. Also there will come a time when the US won’t be able to pay back its debt to other countries… and that’s when the economy will collapse.

I contend that a work/study program is superior to other forms of education because it works on both the mental and physical levels of the human body. Something sadly lacking in the schools of today. That’s why universities spend millions on gyms and exercise buildings.

If they could just include a few hours of manual labor each day in their curriculum, imagine the healthful results for the students and the monetary results for the school!

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I am glad that you are satisfied with your education in the self-supporting sector of Adventism. I can see that you are convinced that it is best so far in your young life. Are you a student now or have you “graduated”? If so, what do you do for a living?

(Andrew) #273

Maybe we should try to guess, that would be fun!


I did not say all books where unreadable, but when you read up on authors like C.S. Lewis or Tolkien and you see that they are a catholic or a free Mason you get turned off because you can see where they are going. They all lead in one direction: away from the Bible. Some much more slyly the others.

But I will say this: you can smell a stinky fish pretty quickly, and when I began reading C.S. Lewis it began to stink, so I closed the book and said: “thank you but no thank you, Mr. Free Mason”

(Aage Rendalen) #275

This book is published by the least credible publisher there is in North America. Chick Publications sponsored two of the biggest con-men in modern evangelical history (John Todd and Alberto Rivera) and the company was thrown out of the Evangelical Booksellers’ Organization in 1978. The book cover of Edmund Paris’ book, for instance, features one of Chick’s favorite screwball theories pushed by Alberto Rivera that the Jesuits created the Nazis (and Communism). If that’s the kind of literature you read, Orange, I understand why you wouldn’t want your real name to be known.

Secondly, you really should read my article since you are so eager to comment on it. You still haven’t understood what I laid out in my very first paragraph about the sociology definition of “sect.” And nowhere in the article did I say that the SdA church had stagnated globally, which it hasn’t.

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Ooh, OK, are you a fisherman?


I’m going to let you all continue guessing :smile: But I will say this: I’m a member of the Adventist rodders club, that should be a hint.


I’d read up on that more if I where you. Hitler himself has been quoted saying he modeled the SS after the Jesuits.

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He also modeled his people’s car after a beatle, but I am not blaming Beatles!

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Don’t tell me, no, you can’t be… You’re a pastor?

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We’d have to find one to show the government, right?

(Mercy triumphs over judgment. James 2:13) #282

Anyone who believes John Todd & Edmund Paris, loses all credibility for disparaging the education he didn’t receive.