Perspective: Can a Church Survive if It Gives Up Its Sectarian Identity?

(Elmer Cupino) #326

I have been christened “Father Sarducci V2.5” into the order.

(Elaine Nelson) #327

No need for documentation when it is assumed that “everyone knows.” You are assuming that “everyone” easily accepts accusations without evidence. Speak for yourself, Tony, you do not represent Spectrum and those who blog here. We reject such opinions when there are numerous sites to give the correct history.

Now, if you can give historical documentation for your assertions, there will be readers here.

(Elaine Nelson) #328

Father Jim was an interesting blogger here.

(George Tichy) #329

As soon as I get the memo from the boss I will tell you what is your assignment here… :smile:

(George Tichy) #330

In one occasion I thought he wanted to figure out my address. He was really mad that his words were challenged with force and he went bananas every time I asked him if he supported freedom of religion for everyone, remember? He never answered this question, though I asked it numerous times, asking for a Y/N answer - which actually irritated him. He hated Y/N questions.

I am glad we now have only pacific participants here, don’t you agree?.. :wink:

(Kim Green) #331

lol…good to know that, George! I do remember Father Jim (or whatever his name was), he started to participate when the whole WO issue started getting going on Spectrum. I know that he and I used to have our go-a-rounds and he was interesting in that he brought a different perspective. I think that he said that he may be transferred to a new job and then- POOF…no more Father J! Yes…the good ole days :wink:


You couldn’t have left it hey Elaine. My main argument wasn’t over Jesuits being involved with the massacring of the Waldenses. Go back and reread my original comment. It had to do with the fact that the Society of Jesus was around while the Waldanses were. Thats it. And to assume the order, which one of its main goals was to counter the reformation, wouldnt be involved, somehow, in the removing of the Waldanes, too, speaks volumes.

For the sake of argument, let us say, that after much digging I found something. Here is where the problem lies. It wouldn’t do a single thing. Not one bit of good would come of it. Because I have come to realize, you will do what you always do: change the subject and muddy the water. It really can do a persons head in.


Bully was a bit much. I apologize. I believe, though, that we should have one standard for us and another standard for new people. I know that may seem unfair to some.

I will do my best to explain why I got frustrated: When I read what Orange wrote, taking back his first comment (probably trying to build a bridge between you two), I knew he had absolutely no idea that what he just did was not going to go as he planned. And because of that I got all worked up before you even wrote anything; knowing what was about to come. I was hoping you would be more gracious in your reply; you could have as easily wrote those things in a possessive manner. He really did try and extend an olive branch with that incorrect statement, as odd as that may seem; and got pummeled for it.

Anyway, I know thats no excuse. But there you have it.

(George Tichy) #334

Tony, when people go to a new place, they better get slowly acquainted with the environment and carefully adjust. What happens often here, as you well know, is that some new adventurer shows up with an arrogant attitude and starts bombarding the place with what they think is “the truth” and treating others as if they were either igorant or misinformed.

Some learn better quickly and stay, becoming good participants and bringing valuable input. Others disappeer quickly, like that Psychologist who come up with a diagnosis for someone here, or that Physician not long ago who caused havoc then went on a trip, and never returned for further conversation. @elmer_cupino still misses them both… LOL

Some people adjust, others don’t.

(Elmer Cupino) #335

The irony is I really do miss them, George. There is just so much to learn from my psychiatric inpatient practice and my outpatient clinic, the rest I get it from Spectrum, among the “walking healthy.”

That psychologist should be at risk for “fraudulent billing.” How can he diagnose without billing the patient?

(Andrew) #336

It’s lucky I have Internet access from my psychiatric ward isn’t it.

(Andrew) #337

Survival of the fittest. Natural selection.

(Anne Marbury) #338

Yeah, I was specifically talking about the region I live in. The SDA church did not come into this area until after 1900. But yes, of course in NH, VT and NY the SDA church was very active very early. I was only commenting on this region.
Your family background sounds extremely similar to my own.

(Anne Marbury) #339

Sorry I mixed you up with Joe Erwin. His family sounds exactly like mine. :slight_smile:


Howdy George,

I agree, some people can go too far, where all one is left with is to be straight forward with them. But I don’t feel Orange fit into that category. The emjoi people use can tell a person a lot about them, and I genuinely feel that in his awkward way he tried to fit in. I also feel with some guidance, and good mentoring we could have made him seen differently about what he believed.

But then again! I could be wrong.


Hi Elmer,

I noticed that you dont have an avatar anymore. Did you try to upload a new one also and it didnt work? Thats what happen to me. And now I’m stuck with this plain looking T :unamused:

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Yip! Gues I’ll be the Pink Panther.


Hello @webEd,

Does anyone on your end happen to know what the issue is with not being able to add an avatar? Or when it will be fixed.


(Sorry, I don’t. I probably know less about Discourse than some commenters here. I just use the system, especially the administrative part - something you’all don’t see. But I just use it. I’m not Guruish. - webEd)

No problem. Thank you.

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I got my avatar back. Any other than it, was a no go, both with “Gravatar” or the “Add a custom picture” button.

Good luck Tony…


It wouldn’t allow me to go to the previous imagine (gravatar) I had, but it did allow me to uploaded the one I had (avatar) when I first created this account. Just as you had indicated.

Thanks Elmer!