Perspective: Can a Church Survive if It Gives Up Its Sectarian Identity?

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I can give you a list of some inspired and gifted men who lived before her and had impacted her inspired writings and whose legacy lives on through her works. They were: John Milton, John Bunyan, John Harris, William Hanna, Joseph Hall, Cotton Mather, F. W. Farrar, Daniel March, John Ross Macduff, John Fleetwood, Alexander Copland, Thomas Dick, Edward Dorr Griffin, John Holt Ingraham, Charles Beecher, Thomas Chalmers and hundreds more…but I won’t weary you more.

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First off…one must actually be reading other authors (other than EGW) in order to determine conclusively that there have been no other authors as “inspired/gifted” as her. My guess is that OrangeMan has not widely read the authors in which you mentioned. In fact, I would not be surprised if he isn’t even familiar with any of them…but I might be mistaken. :wink: @OrangeMan

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Of all those books I read in my life (including EGW’s*), only two of them I read twice, The We Lie (Rea) and Ford’s Glacier View Document (book format). No need to keep re-reading the same thing over and over. The Bible is another story.

*I am referring to the books available until ca. 1980, and the books she really wrote. I never read one of those that were published “post-mortem” with her name. … :roll_eyes:

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“Left church” and “religion”, but not God.
Agnostic is just a person who is a perpetual seeker finding about God.
As one finds more and more about God, able to have meaningful
conversations with God.
You would enjoy reading Diana Butler Bass books – “Grounded, Finding
God in the World, a Spiritual Revolution”, “Christianity After Religion”,
“Christianity for the Rest of Us.”

PS-- I believe if one would do a detailed study of the Psalms, one would
discover that these persons were Agnostics, too.

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I am quite informed about Desmond Ford and Walter Rae from the 80s when I was still at college. It was in 1980 an urgent meeting of Adventist leaders and theologians took place at the Southern Asia Division headquarters near where our college was located to discuss and tackle Ford. Ford was not against Ellen White as much as Rae was. The former rejected her interpretation on the IJ doctrine while latter dealt with her dishonesty and denials of her plagiary. Rae touched the heart of her prophetic claims and Ford her interpretations of the bible. I guess this is what you want every one on this forum to be informed of!

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To my knowledge to this day I am not aware of even one book (including the Steps to Christ) to have been written by her but were compiled or assembled from collection she had made from hundreds of authors and published in her name!

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Oh, most people on this forum are very well informed about those facts. The Ford and Rea issues have been posted and discussed on Spectrum since those days.

I am not sure how much the black suited guys upstairs (GC) like Spectrum for that… But if we didn’t have this independent journalism (and Adventist Today, @lorenseibold) the Adventist community (including pastors) would be almost 100% ignorant of those issues.

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