Perspective: Can a Church Survive if It Gives Up Its Sectarian Identity?

(George Tichy) #143

Absolutely NOT!!! :wink:

(George Tichy) #144

Besides, Aage is the villain that uncovered the transcripts of the 1919 Conference… He knew exactly what that meant when he found them at AU.
He knows more about Adventism than many people who consider themselves "experts on Adventism."
I personally don’t believe he is no longer a Christian.
@cincerity @aage_rendalen

(George Tichy) #145

I guess they didn’t have “WebEds” at that time… :slight_smile:

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Allen, I knew we were buddies! :smile:

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Not IF, but WHEN Elaine reaches 100, I will send her a brand new collection of the “BOOX”… :smile:

(Mercy triumphs over judgment. James 2:13) #148

Hey, we want her to reach 100, not lose the will to live at the prospect of receiving that gift! :smile:

(George Tichy) #149

:+1: :+1: :+1:

Hey, until then some new boox may have been printed, new stuff that she never saw before… :slight_smile:

(Andreas Bochmann) #150

You sound like Bonhoeffer.

(Andrew) #151

What is boox? It’s like we are separated by a common language!

(Allen Shepherd) #152

Yes, Elaine does sound as if she were in her thirties. I think it is ninties though! God bless her. And your Nan as well. When my dad moved us to California in the '40s, we left all the other family back East. So I had no Nan, or any other relatives near by. So i missed out. Be thankful for what you have.

And I apologize if I embarrassed Elaine. but she has mentioned her age here, I even think she recently had a birthday.

(Steve Mga) #153

This is from St. Augustine [very long time ago]
In Necessary Things, Unity
In Doubtful Things, Liberty
In All Things, Charity
The Way of the Fathers – Praying with the Early Christians, Mike Aquilina: 2000.
Too bad he isnt a Suit in Silver Springs.

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Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… (had to get the required characters)

(Andrew) #155

Hey Allen

I have a feeling it would be hard to embarrass Elaine.

(k_Lutz) #156

‘boox’ is a colloquialism for published writings of Aunt Ellen, aka The Spirit of Prophecy.

Trust God.

(George Tichy) #157

As you certainly noticed yourself, some Adventists can only talk about religion if they include quoting EGW for everything they say. Her books (boox) became their main and superior source of ecclesiastical authority, and they stay confined within the limits of those books.
Some time ago a thought crossed my mind, and I shared it here at Spectrum, saying that "Some people can’t think out of the ‘boox’."
The new word has been often used by many since…

(George Tichy) #158

I am sure Andrew @Andrew will be impressed with your proximity to her. He will probably wonder about your age as well… :slight_smile:

(Elaine Nelson) #159

My thanks to all who wished for my longevity. I fully plan to reach my 100th, so you folks can begin to think of appropriate gifts :wink: Reading the local obits daily, I’v spotted a number of centenarians, all female. The definitive reason most have given is their stubborn will to live. Fighting normalcy and a very positive attitude has been shown to increase longevity (according to the LLUMC Health Study).

It can’t be repeated too often to those who would negate non-SDAs here: those, like Aage and hundreds of others who have been voracious life-long students, usually know much more about the church they left than those who have remained. Once you discover that trusted religious advisers from childhood have been deceptive, that’s all that’s necessary to walk away. How many here would continue to do business with a financial advisor who assured you your money was safe and then you discover he’s absconded with it??

(Andrew) #160

I am! I didn’t tell you about my Aunt Lizzie. She lives in a rather small holding called Buckingham Palace.

(Elaine Nelson) #161

The President always sends Greetings to U.S. Centenarians, also. Your Aunt Lizzie may reach 100 as her mother passed that mark by a few years: good genes help.

(Andrew) #162

Well, we should swap the correspondence when the time comes. How cool would that be.