Perspective: Equality, Totalitarianism, and God's Divine Order

For me, this is the underlying issue.

Science starts with a set of assumptions about the fallibility of humans, defining ones terms as accurately as possible, and doing repeatable experiments where the results are compared with the predictions. Hypotheses and theories are valid only while they continue to predict the results.

Christianity starts with translations of edits of copies of edits of copies of edits of captures of oral traditions, and the assumption that the Holy Spirit will lead one to discern some rules about how to live in order to be saved.

The people attempting to follow this leading have repeatedly changed their minds about the rules, can’t agree among themselves about the rules, have no neutral way of testing their discovered rules.

And yet they are willing to kill each other over the differences, to dilute their efforts to help the helpless over the differences, to each claim that God is on their side and their opponents are being led by the devil.

Somewhere in all this they have lost the simple message of their God, and are causing seekers to go away from Him