Perspectives on Adventist Women and the Ministry

How many minutes does it take to read the Sermon on the Mount out loud?

I concede the two huge churches in the SOUTH EASTERN CALIFORNIA CONFERENCE with stellar women pastors.

But you have to admit that is the aberration, not the norm in Adventism.

The United Methodist Church is moving vigorously forward with a program for more inclusivity of their gay and lesbian offspring . They have articulated that if it causes bigoted congregations to split off, the schism will be worth it !

Same with the Episcopal and Lutheran brethren — if some congregations are not willing to be ethical, egalitarian, evenhanded then why be unequally yoked ? Let them go their own way!
Good riddance!!!

Adventists should welcome such a split, over WO .

WHY BE UNEQUALLY YOKED .with bigots, misogynists, homophobes ???

Re. #22 ezbord
Robin V. Your righteous indignation is evident and mostly justified; and is to
be commended. OK.
What mystifies me is why you still bother with Adventism and haven’t taken up
membership with the groups that you approve of and often refer to.
Do you have a burden for the Adventist Church as a whole, or particularly for certain
groups within the Church?
Do you regard your posts as advocacy/commentary/critique etc. and is your relationship
with the SDA Church ‘in limbo’, non-existent, or otherwise?
Of course you may have altogether different things on your mind.
Just wondering. :thinking:
(Context often helps in understanding others’ communication.)

I only know what I’m told. Apparently that’s not much. But now it is more than enough to make me want even more to disengage, as Margo ‘Pitrone’ finally did.

She was a childhood friend and bridesmaid of my wife. I believe her father, Henry Mattson, did the week of prayer at my SDA school (The same one Merikay Mcleod-Silver’s family attended with me.) after which I was baptized in the late 1960s . . .

And to think that while I believed myself to be childhood’s chief of sinners too many ‘adult’ leaders of the SDA ‘apple of God’s eye’ were playing deceitful shell games while publicly insisting that they were all right in that Eye and not the cause of Its tears.

What is left to trust ?
‘Stockholm Syndrome’ is less and less a sufficient substitute, or valid excuse.

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