Pluralism: A Call to Integrity

“For God does not want to be believed in, to be debated and defended by us, but simply to be realized through us.” —Martin Buber

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Enjoyed the article and hope your studies are well recieved.

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Absolutely on target. The problem seems to come from our human need for security. Like an infant who wants to be bound tightly and cuddled, we never lose the need for boundaries. As we mature, the boundaries should retreat giving us freedom of motion. Dogma is our security blanket, and we can retreat behind it when threatened with choices.


Dogma being fixed also means we never have to grow up.


People need to realize they believe untruths, about people and doctrine, before they can choose to change their beliefs. That is almost impossible for many people.


The following quotes really hit the mark for me, and go far toward defining our sometimes dysfunctional culture:

“…we have to realize that we cannot raise ourselves up as a community while holding onto fear.”

All these dynamics are ingrained in our corporate culture. Corporate cultures are notoriously resistant to change. I guess each of us will just have to be the change we want to see.


Absolutely the best insight and revelation I have seen here yet. Thank you. I am a lifetime 68 year-old SDA…and as my church has dwindled from 150 to 20 over 20 years/and I have grieved over it with a breaking heart…those of us who have left yet keep coming back… but still asking the hard questions and longing to present belonging are still the problem…“they say”. I talk about it, pray about it, write a community paper about “pluralism” …but those who talk the loudest and lead somehow don’t hear us. I live on the edges, so I can love those in and out…there is such a fine line between loving and needing change and being perceived critical. This “time” in history is exciting - we are forced to become singular with Jesus to know pluralism.


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