Poet Spotlight: Phillip Whidden

Phillip Whidden, a poet from Florida, who has lived abroad after his education in four American universities, has seen some of his poetry in book form and in journals and online; his prose (such as literary criticism, campaigning literature for non-smokers’ rights, news writing, and articles on many topics) has been printed around the world and his plays have been produced in Michigan and Maryland.  One of them was about the death of the boy Waldo, the son of Ralph Waldo Emerson. Whidden’s first poems were written in Florida and his first published poems appeared in Florida, Tennessee, Massachusetts and Washington, D.C.  Spectrum was the first journal to publish his poetry half a century ago.  One of the educational establishments where he trained was near Concord and Walden Pond.

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Excellent poems and thoughts. Thank you Phillip. Aimed at your American audience. And yet, you live here among us in the UK. Please, write something for us Europeans. We were first to be disobedient to unjust states.

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