Poetry and Music for Mother’s Day

Here I lean over you, small son, sleeping Warm in my arms, And I con to my heart all your dew-fresh charms, As you lie close, close in my hungry hold. . . Your hair like a miser's dream of gold, And the white rose of your face far fairer, Finer, and rarer Than all the flowers in the young year's keeping; Over lips half parted your low breath creeping Is sweeter than violets in April grasses; Though your eyes are fast shut I can see their blue, Splendid and soft as starshine in heaven, With all the joyance and wisdom given From the many souls who have stanchly striven Through the dead years to be strong and true.

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“You Raise Me Up” is my favorite song that josh groban sings…the arrangement presented here is probably the best version…i like the E-flat major opening, and of course the F-sharp major ending, but the F major transition is notable because of the high C-7’s hit perfectly by the first violins - they carry such icy chill, it’s almost shocking…

only a natural voice with a very wide range and color spectrum can sing this kind of song effectively, and josh’s voice really is one of a kind…i think he also has a carefully crafted sense of taste: he seems to always carry us right to the edge of bathos, without ever crossing the line…one can imagine a very different effect with a singer like michael bolton, or especially joe cocker, whose early versions of “You Are So Beautiful” are a mind-altering experience…

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Did you not mean to say bathhouse?

(Sorry J-Van, I honestly couldn’t resist!)



It saves him some time using an abbreviated form… LOL
I wonder if in order to be admitted to those bathhouses one needs to take some classes in “Bathology”… :wink:

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ˈbathos (especially in a work of literature) an effect of anticlimax created by an
unintentional lapse in mood from the sublime to the trivial or