Prayer during the Pandemic

Prayer during the Pandemic

When the lights go off

The internet blinks out

The computer screens

Give one last, lonely zap!

When the dishwasher, the TV, and the radio

Fall silent

And the phones, cell and land,

Cease their calling

When the gas runs out

The cars and trucks and buses and vans and jets

Become campsites

In the forest

When humans huddle together in small bands

Around those who can

Make fire

Grow food

Tell stories

(If I am still alive)

May I be blessed to know

An aging man with a long curly ponytail

Who plays

The vibraphone.

Four mallets at a time,

The clear, full tones

Will rise in the dark night air

Like sparks from a campfire

As they did last night

In a concert hall

Full of empty seats.

Civilization itself

Played its heart out

Embers burning bright.

Nancy Lecourt is a retired English teacher and administrator living near the PUC Demonstration and Experimental Forest in Angwin, California.

Photo by Kevin Erdvig on Unsplash

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My, my: Thank you Nancy for this. Summons a memory of holocaust victims playing Beethoven in spite of everything. . .


Thank you, Nancy, very moving… well penned!

One of our support pillars during this delicate time is Psalm 46:1-2 “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in times of trouble. Therefore we will not fear…”

Concordia University Irvine, guided by this text, recently penned "Loving Our Neighbor in a Time of Pandemic" which includes the reminder "God is with us as He invites our prayers. Prayer is not a last resort, but a loving promise from our Lord that He will hear us…".

Courage to you! Courage to all of us!


Pray ?
What did NOAH do ??

Are you building an arc yet?.. :innocent:


You on the TITANIC
Listening to Mozart and poems

there is something a bit biblical in this pandemic, particularly in terms of its scope and speed:

“And saying, Alas, alas that great city, that was clothed in fine linen, and purple, and scarlet, and decked with gold, and precious stones, and pearls! For in one hour so great riches is come to nought.” Rev 18:16-17.

two weeks ago i had a vacation to fort lauderdale all booked for next week…now it’s cancelled, and the borders of canada are closed…

Of far greater importance, is the fact that many people can’t work, thousands of people’s businesses have shut down for weeks (or could turn out to be longer), or both. These people and their families are in a world of hurt. People need to rally together in their communities to help the people who will be in dire financial straights in the coming weeks and months.


all true…i wasn’t implying that a vacation in fort lauderdale compares to what millions of people are going through, not to mention the people close to the thousands all over the world who’ve died…

the level of devastation and desperation that we’re seeing is what carries biblical overtones…all of what’s happening is what happened in bible times…time has come full circle in this pandemic…

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I took a friend to his usual AA meeting on Thursday.
Usually it is wall to wall persons.
Thursday about 15 of us showed up. We did all the usual ritual things.
The Leader for the day always asks if there is anything anyone would
like to share [before we begin reading out of the BIG BOOK].
It was a wonderful meeting!! A whole 60 minutes of people sharing how
AA and the finding of their Higher Power set them free.
There WERE several who said it took a number of times coming back.
One said he had some jail times between some of those return events.
We had one new person at the meeting. A young lady, early 20’s, an
PANDEMIC. Yes, we can let life go on. Enjoy visiting with God in a group.
Just be careful. Can enjoy social time. Just be careful. Enjoy our music
and song times. Just be careful.
In closing we all stood around the room as someone asked the usual
question. Who is our father? Then we all spoke The Lord’s Prayer together.
And said, Keep coming back. It works, if you work it.
We just didn’t hold hands.
There were bottles of hand sanitizer on the tables.
We always begin the meeting with – The Serenity Prayer.

I keep the Serenity Prayer, Lord’s Prayer, 23 Psalm on my refrigerator door.
Just so I can look at it when I’m in my little kitchen area.


That’s awesome, Steve.

I went to some AA meetings with a friend last year. I thoroughly enjoyed the fellowship and support that was there. Also, no judgement. :slightly_smiling_face:


Very strange times, in more ways than one.

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Yes. And ALL are Welcome.
The “chips” are offered at each meeting. Everyone claps when one
comes forward and takes the appropriate one.
I have known some persons who in a 25 year period received 8
“starting over” chips. And finally took.
ALL are in good and regular standing. Yes, No judgment!

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Nancy’s lovely poem evokes the “Time of Trouble.”

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