President of Church in North America Preaches from Stories of Deborah and Ariadna

SILVER SPRING - North American Division Vice President Alvin Kibble provided words of greeting Sabbath morning at the North American Division Year-end Meeting. He called the day one of the high Sabbaths of the year. “There’s got to be something special when you’ve got the leaders of the Church worshiping with their families,” Kibble told the audience. But then he flipped the script: “You are not the audience now, God is,” Kibble said. “You become participants in our worship, praise, adoration, and thanksgiving. We bring our gifts to God.”

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Truly a message for the moment. This is what I’d consider to be ‘present truth’.

Keep spreading the Word and preaching in the Spirit, Dan.

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Two days ago, the senior pastor, where I attend, mentioned …the often repeated…“Jesus is coming soon”.

What is the reaction to this “soon coming” by 18 million Adventists?

What % of SDA want Jesus to come back in 2015?

I am not one of those “Where is the promise of His coming” skeptics. I am calling attention to the trite phrases without any feedback on reaction.

The constant obscure…“Lift up Jesus”, “Jesus is coming back soon”…The SDA church is the remnant lukewarm Laodicean church in never ending need of revival & reformation.
I was not impressed with the presentation of VP Jackson. From the lack of replies, I am going to speculate that I am not alone.

I don’t esteem either Wilson or Jackson as bad…I just think that there are conference officials who are not prepared or fit for their offices because of their experience as pastors or their denominational indoctrination.