Presidential Plagiarism Accusations Surface at WAU

Not quite. As Fred pointed out Ellen White denied using the writings of others the way she did. She said that everything she published was “fresh and new”. James wrote that her writings were entirely different from anyone’s because she knew things that nobody else did.

She and James went to a health farm and began writing her health message immediately afterwards. When people remarked about the astonishing similarity in her books and the proprietor’s, she expressed surprise because , as she explained, she and her husband had skipped all of the lectures because of James poor health. She had bought all of the host’s health books, but didn’t open any of them until after she finished her writings on his subjects. [Isn’t that amazing!]

She reported the same thing about Lucifer’s [sic] fall in _Paradise Lost_to keep people from suspecting she borrowed again. (It didn’t work.)


You are spot on Harry!

There seemed to be a lot of “unopened” books in the White household. The information in these books miraculously found their way into her books. Oh boy…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Isnt that how inspiration works??

I have some Longfellow, Keats, Tennyson, Barrett-Browning, Shakespeare books in my library, and my musings suddenly sprang forth, like wildflowers in a s[ring rain!


When James and Ellen’s oldest son was about 16 he fell in some icy water.
Became sick, and then died. He was living with another family at the time.
Quite some time after, Ellen is reported saying that if knowledge of
hydrotherapy treatments had been known and used, he would not have died.
Apparently it went into severe pneumonia.
It was some time after that they learned the use of those treatments.
Even close to the time that Ellen died, she still mourned for her son and missed him.

harry, nothing you’re saying proves that egw’s sources for Desire of Ages didn’t use one another in the way she used them, which was veltman’s point…

by “fresh and new”, if she used those words, egw wouldn’t have necessarily meant original…she was quite open about the sources she used, even recommending them to others to read…the denials you’re referring to weren’t about her use of sources…read the intro to the 1911 Great Controversy, and see this for yourself…

the issue is whether her finished products were merely a rehash of her sources, which they clearly weren’t…you can readily read the clear difference between her final products and her sources even when you find similar sentence structure and paragraphing…this has been professionally looked at and verified (and her writings on lucifer’s fall veer substantially from milton’s Paradise Lost)…

as much as you would like to find a gotcha moment in egw with respect to her use of sources, you’re only preaching to a choir that would have rejected her for other reasons…egw used sources to understand how to effectively express what she wanted to say, but also to verify that she was understanding correctly what she was seeing in visions and other forms of supernatural communication…OT prophets “enquired and searched diligently” about the meaning of their visions, 1 Peter 1:10, and that’s what egw was doing…

Can you tell me where Ellen White recommended books to read?

i can’t think off the top off my head where i saw her recommending for reading specific sources she is known to have used, as it’s been many yrs since i’ve looked into this, but here’s something i found by googling it just now:

look specifically in paragraphs 7 and 8…

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Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is a very strange “vision” you had, Jeremy. I never heard of it, I never read it. It sounds completely fake news.


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