Progressive Faith Blog Carnival

It's Spectrum's turn to host the Progressive Interfaith Blog Carnival. Here's what's hot.

Pastor Dan at Street Prophets catches the hypocrisy of Pat Robertson, who's apparently not going to win any humanitarian awards. Great collection of stats on the conflict. "Lebanese economists have cut growth forecasts to zero or below from 5-6 percent. Some say the economy could shrink by 2-3 percent, with the tourism sector particularly hard hit." Yeah, that'll drive out the terrorists!

David Buckley's got a good Boston Globe cartoon on Lieberman over at Faith in Public Life. For "Moore" Lieberman hilarity catch JSpot, too.

Michelle, of Metacentricies, posts an interesting round up of environmental and tech news. Check out the link to the Washington Post on Cheney's wacky comments about the majority of Americans supporting al Qaeda. If you are interested in some possible repercussions of the Hezbollah-Israeli conflict catch Sy Hersh in the current New Yorker. Money quote:

Some current and former intelligence officials who were interviewed for this article believe that Rumsfeld disagrees with Bush and Cheney about the American role in the war between Israel and Hezbollah. The U.S. government consultant with close ties to Israel said that “there was a feeling that Rumsfeld was jaded in his approach to the Israeli war.” He added, “Air power and the use of a few Special Forces had worked in Afghanistan, and he tried to do it again in Iraq. It was the same idea, but it didn’t work. He thought that Hezbollah was too dug in and the Israeli attack plan would not work, and the last thing he wanted was another war on his shift that would put the American forces in Iraq in greater jeopardy.”

Always musing and Catholic, Even the Devils Believe reflects on reasons for war. "I guess the question is whether pacifism is a principled position or just a rhetorical one,"he wonders.

Radical Torah posts on Lebanon Through the Lens of Tisha B’Av. And Islamicate notes a Newsweek article about how Jews deserted Lieberman.

The Shalom Center lists Ten Ways to Save the Lives of Abraham's Children.

Reverend Mommy posts about working on the CPE.

If you are interested in the politics of the Anglican communion, be sure to read Father Jake Stops the World. He reprints a recent Coats article from Episcopal Majority. He's got 58 comments on it the last I checked.

And, (pro-Israel, pro-Arab, pro-peace) doesn't pull punches:

no matter which way I head these days in the pro-Israel world — Jewish or Christian right — it looks like I am going to Hell.

Mainstream Baptist marks the loss of church/state separation champion Robert Alley.

Xpatriated Texan writes about the Limits of Greed.

And finally, speaking of limits, Talk to Action points out the connection between politics and the tribulation. Because one of the most dangerous weapons in the world exists as the belief in scriptural and historical determinism for the end time.

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