Progressive Faith Blog Conference

(system) #1

At Faith in Public Life, Peter Laarman of Progressive Christians Uniting, reappropriates Reinhold Niebuhr’s legacy.

JSpot notes that Wal-Mart is helping mayor Daley become the new low-price leader.

CrossLeft circulates the Katrina Fairness and Opportunity Petition. Also, click here to enjoy Keith Olberman tossing a lil' moral rhetoric back at Rummy.

Chuck Currie posts the NCC statement on September 11. Save yourselves from a corrupt generation notes the increasing Christian support for environmental action.

Drawing from USA Today and Baylor, Mainstream Baptist blogs about how ones "View of God Can Predict Values, Politics."

At Street Prophets, Pastor Dan takes on the Bush Administration's spinning of the 9/11 anniversary.

Faithful Progressive points out the surreal aspects of the Bush talk about terrorism.

Just Inside the Beltway echos Sullivan on presidential dishonest statements.

And over Talk 2 Action, Frederick Clarkson entitled his post: Catholics For a Free Choice Monitors Tax Abuse by Religious Right Agencies.

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