Prominent Pastor in Brazil Spreads Hate and Propaganda

i agree…i don’t think this subject can be discussed objectively or profitably anymore…

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Thanks, @areis74.

I’m not sure I disagree with anything you’ve said here.

This was one of many times I wished I could speak Portugese: I went to the YouTube video of Grüdtner’s sermon and, as a monolingual person, immediately realized it would be unintelligible.

I strongly suspect Zelota is written from a centering position not shared by Brazilian Adventism, or Adventism, generally. This is why my response began,

If this Zelota Magazine report is accurate

I didn’t know if it was, or if it wasn’t. Clearly, it wasn’t written to adjudicate SDA theology, however.

I definitely think the article pushed some of my own pet peeves: I can’t see a pastor calling someone, he doesn’t know well, “buddy,” and Grüdtner comes across as bellicose and defensive. This may be an effect of careful editing. You seem to suggest it is.

But, with all of this, and your response, I do think the larger question is what you, deferentially, refer to as “extreme liberal views” vs. “conservative” ones; this tug-of-war between people who think the practice of homosexuality is outside of God’s will for human beings vs. those who believe the Bible supports committed, lifelong, same-sex marriage. This conflict is certainly not limited to Brazil.

The remaining question is what happens when pastors in other places, like the United States, are also no longer allowed to share their religious views from the pulpit, without fear of legal retaliation.



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