Promoting Women's Rights

Sylvia Hordosch tries to reconcile her work for the United Nations pushing for gender equality and her heritage in the Adventist church where women are still not given the same opportunities as men.

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What a delightful message! Thank you for sharing, Sylvia. Hang in there with us.


Thank you for your discussion on – WHAT WOULD JESUS DO [WWJD] those bracelets one sees around sometimes on person’s wrists.

Years ago I used to hear the Mantra – The TRUTH as it is in Jesus.
Thank you for expressing one of those Uncomfortable Truths.
The Truth that Jesus Elevated Women to Equality with Men in Society.

The Seventh day Adventist Church, Theologically and in Practice, has a very long way to go before we have ALL the Truth As It Is In Jesus.
And those in positions Authority – Local, Conference, Union, Division, World Headquarters – seem the Most Militant in FIGHTING AGAINST ALL the Truth As It Is In Jesus.
We just saw this in South America – Only Ordained persons can teach.
This means that ALL the Women teaching in the Departments of Religion will have to be Fired, lose their jobs. Jobs they have been fulfilling successfully for many years.

Elaine-- Yes. Recent. When a male person of “importance” was asked about the firing of the women, HE said they could teach Hebrew and Greek [only]. He hadnt thought about them being fired, losing their jobs.
This was in the article.
Elaine- “South America”. not just America as came out on yours.
I looked for the article again on another site, and it appears it was taken down.

Joselito-- Membership in the Armed Services of ANY country HAS to be a PERSONAL CHOICE. The so-called Church CANNOT mandate For OR Against anyone becoming a Member. It is a Personal Choice by each individual.
However back in mid-60’s there were quite a few Women who went to Nursing School with a Government Tuition Scholarship in RETURN for serving so many years in one of the Armed Services as a nurse. I met a number of these in the mid-60s when I was drafted as a Navy Nurse.
It was a great way to get post-graduating nursing experience. After being in a couple of years there was the opportunity for an overseas assignment. Which is a nice benefit.

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I remember, Sylvia, your sermon at the Church of the Advent Hope. Thanks for then and thanks for now, too. Inspiring interview. As a white man, I cannot know what’s it’s like to persist against injustice decade after decade. We appreciate your courage, and the courage of so many Adventist women like you.



Well…it looks as if the Spirit of Prophecy is alive and well in the church…

Thank you, Sylvia! I especially appreciated your analysis of how our understanding of God, mediated through symbols and language, plays out in our treatment of each other and how all this should be informed by the teaching and example of Jesus. Theology matters and moving ahead on these matters requires addressing these deeper issues. We need to learn to read our Bibles better.


“We just saw this in America–only ordained persons can teach. This means that ALL the women teaching in the Departments of Religion will have to be fired, lose their jobs, jobs they have been fulfilling successfully for many years.”

Please amplify; this is news some of us have not heard. Was it officially made just recently?

Those who know me will not be surprised I liked the interview. More than that - I am encouraged by Sylvia Hordosch’s decision to remain Adventist. I have deep respect and understanding for each one who leaves. At the same time NOT giving up and making your voice heard (e.g. in the sermon that was linked) gives hope for the future. Thank you.


The Seventh-day Adventist church is not a political movement, is not regulated by the democracy principles, in fact is a monarchy (God is the King and his voice is in the Bible),The notion of women rights as we know it today were disavowed by God himself in in the Garden of Eden when He said : “and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.” Génesis 3:16 . If we stay or not in the church is our problem, God will not lose anything, Gods words were “For many are called, but few are chosen.” Mathew 22:14 . Stop blackmailing the Church with leave, God is not asking for crowds, He said: Though the number of the children of Israel be as the sand of the sea, a remnant shall be saved. Romans 9:27

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this is definitely an area where, once again, NAD will need to lead the world church, although the question is whether the world church is interested in being led…but regardless, i think we should stick to our principles, even if the rest of the world church decides to part ways with us…after-all, we are in the right, and the world church is clearly wrong…abraham and lot parted ways, paul and barnabas parted ways, and the 10 tribes of northern israel parted ways with benjamin and judah…i’m not seeing a necessity for staying together with people who only cause friction…think of all the harmony we could have had in san antonio if our GC had consisted only of NAD, TED, EUD and SPD…


A delightful read, I am speaking next week in Ottawa on Empowering women in agriculture:the Sustainable Development goals. Your inspiration to me cj


The friction is being caused by those who refuse to accept the will of the body as expressed in San Antonio, not by those who are trying to abide by it. But in the fantasy world created by those who refuse to accept the results, up is down and right is left.

Samuel anointed David to be king over Israel, but the despot, king Saul, was still in power. David could have reasoned that since it was God’s will that he be king, he could dispose of Saul and take power. But he refused to raise his hand against the one whom God had previously anointed, reasoning that God will take care of the situation in His own time and way. Can we do any less?

I read that 65% of SDA members = women.

Soo, would equality mean that 65% of pastors should be women or is equality 50% women and 50% men?
Is WO making the church say “OW” instead of “WOW!”?

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So, Paul, I take it that you totally reject the ordination, teachings, writings, leadership and speaking by Ellen G. White as a “woman” messenger to the Remnant? You just can’t have it both ways, sir.


“the will of the body”

It is unfortunate that this is being touted as the “will of God”…no worries, there shall be a split and then both sides can have their own “will of the body”.

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as if a 60/40 split IS the will of the body! if it ain’t 100% its snot of God.

Lord have mercy.


Someone has removed my post on this topic. I do not think my posts are all that welcome on this board. The wonder to me is that I have lasted this long…from about March 2016 when I was told about Spectrum by a friend and author on Spectrum, Bernard Headley. I am writing another book and cannot sleep beyond 2:00 am and the first thing I usually do is peruse this site, Wonderful Adventist magazine I must say. However since this has happened two times before, I get it.

Recommend to let each division Executive Committee to decide on behalf of women and men within their respective regard to military service and non-combatancy.


I’m trying to figure out how, when talking about women’s rights and
dignity issues globally, that a toxic, totalitarian ideology of Shariah
law under Islam is not mentioned? Surely there is no greater threat and
abuse to women on the planet right now. But oh that WO male privilege!