Prophetic Short Sermon Series | Otis Moss III | Liberating the Colt

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Rev. Otis Moss III: 2007 Proctor Institute Great Preachers Series. Courtesy of the Children's Defense Fund.

I like that: I was colonized, but now I'm carrying the Lord. ___

This is a new series I'm starting for the summer. Each week, I will be posting a couple of excellent - inspiring, creative, provocative - short sermon videos. I'm aiming for about half of them to be Adventist and the rest to be a wide selection of expressions of faith that works.

They will all be tagged the same - Prophetic Short Sermon Series - so anyone can click the tag and have a good selection of some of the best forward looking preaching online.

If you run across a great short sermon and you'd like to share it with the community, email the link to: alexander[aaaaat]spectrummagazine[dooooot]org

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