Prophets in Conflict: Issues in Authority — Book Review

If God were to intervene one more time, I would suspect He would be summoned by the GC leadership team to appear before one of the GC’s Compliance Committee and explain why all these disruptions with the GC’s corporate agenda.


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Now I will need to read this apparently fine review, and i think you are mistaking me for someone else who is routinely perched on the edge of a cliff, if you get my meaning, @elmer_cupino. :wink:


Ha, and does it matter? Bryan @bness can review a review of any topic. And if he find something a little crooked he reaches to his great friend (kind of partner in business… :roll_eyes:…) Cliff Goldestein @Cliff and between the two of them they can produce a great literary piece. Whatever they come up with, goes!!! :rofl:


They are reluctant to fly away to gather info. They are afraid that they may end up in quarantine, like this por guy… LOL :rofl:


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It certainly wouldn’t be the first time God’s Church has pulled an arrogant stunt like that.

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Thanks for explaining. The book review review incident. Now I remember. That was a funny classic. The cute parakeets as the kitchen cabinet :grin:


Was that the unfortunate mistake?

Nothing more than my question implied! So she never acknowledged the notion that a testimony to individuals would help others as well, to be a mistake.

Thanks George,
but I haven’t been any place. I read Spectrum routinely, but I keep my pearls close to my chest.
Learning to practice the art of listening (and weeping when appropriate).


There is an interesting quote in the SOP about counting rooms and gaming tables. All of the activities mentioned in that passage that keep people too busy for God were impacted by COVID-19. Almost like God’s judgment was specifically directed to get the attention of the worldly minded before the Investigative Judgment is closed forever. You, know the ones that are so worldly minded that they are no heavenly good

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I just jumped onto the EGWwritings site and read a few passages to find what you might be referencing. Not sure how any of these passages might be alluding to the present. Mostly it’s EGW saying that “our people” should have nothing to do with the world of business and that Adventists should live in their own bubble without contact with the world. It’s the sectarian nature of this denomination shining through.

Jesus met people where they were. He never spent any time talking about withdrawing from others and was able to bring comfort to people from all parts of society. If we are to emulate him why would we separate ourselves from others?

Interestingly, this idea of living separately is addressed in the book being discussed above. The section on the compilation “Country Living” goes into it. The book is available for $9.99 on kindle.


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To @Harry_Allen

I am posting this comment here because that conversation just closed a few minutes ago (that unhelpful* “7-day” rule) and I want to clarify something:

Hey, I was only giving you feedback, you do whatever you want though. I was not reading that stuff in that formar anyway because to me, just to me may be, it was totally annoying.

Maybe you should edit that long “in response” post directed to Allen, so that can understand it better… :roll_eyes: :innocent: (Yes, you can edit your posts even if the topic is closed)

*- I wanted to say “stupid rule” but it probably would not be appropriate…


It’s not resentment on my part but then Harry has difficulty with listening. The art of communication is lost when someone insists on doing the very thing that causes others not to listen. Maybe other people enjoy his presentation and we are in the minority.


Thanks, @GeorgeTichy.

I shouldn’t have said “resent,” because you didn’t say you resented it.

That was hasty. I apologize.

I should have said, “The system of marking my responses that @GeorgeTichy and @2humBaby* consider absolutely ridiculous.”

As evidenced, those are words he used, and with which you concurred.


Thanks, @2humBaby

I don’t typically respond to posts about me. So, this is an exception.

When you think about it, you can’t know if I have difficulty listening, or not, because listening is cognitive, and thus invisible to 2nd parties.

This is true, much the way that I couldn’t know that you resented my formatting, or not.

Now, you could say, for example, “It appears Harry has difficulty with listening,” much as I could have spoken to, “The system of marking my responses that @GeorgeTichy and @2humBaby appear to resent.”

In both cases, neither of us would have had a claim against the other, because we’d be speaking about our own cognition.

In any event, I apologize for saying what you “resent.” I simply do not know, and cannot speak about it, unless you do so, first.


As humans, in our day-to-day lives, use speculation, and that’s normal. But speculation is not the process of the Bible writers and the prophets. They were inspired by the Holy Spirit. It is the speculation that brought us into this never-ending controversy.
For example, she says, Adam and Eve might have eaten of the forbidden tree before the prohibition was placed on it. She copied this from Melvill. Does it sound reasonable in the light of the Bible account? And Eve’s encounter with Satan was a pure fiction, adapted from Paradise Lost, the list goes on…
Adding to and deleting from the Bible is condemned by God.


Yeah, us lovable porcine cousins here on Spectrum certainly are unable to appreciate those pearls as we should… Shouldst? :wink:

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There are many such ‘obscure’ things in her works. One is "the amalgamation of man and beast"!


OK Harry, I don’t know how much more time you are planning to spend on this issue, resent or not resent…, but on my side I am done with it. There’s nothing else to be discussed about it, so I am out now. I defer to Chuck @2humBaby, I bet he will gladly keep the entertainment rolling. :open_mouth: :innocent: