Prophets in Conflict: Issues in Authority — Book Review

You bet wrong! I’m with you George. In my opinion you can’t debate with Harry.

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Yes, according to her angels did not know the real position of the Son of God. Then came John Milton to supply the information:
Story of Redemption, p. 13: “The Creator assembled the heavenly host, that He might in the presence of all the angels confer special honour upon His SonThe Father made known that it was ordained by Himself that Christ, His Son, should be equal with Himself; so that wherever was the presence of His Son, it was His own presence.”

Paradise Lost, (1896 ed.) Book V, 584-585; 600; 602-608: “Of angels by imperial summons called. Innumerable before th’ Almighty’s throneHear, all ye Angels … Hear my decree, which unrevoked shall stand. This day I have begot whom I declare My only Son, and on this holy hill Him have anointed, whom ye now behold At my right hand; Your head I him appoint; and by My Self I have sworn to him shall bow All knees in Heav’n, and shall confess him Lord.”


Hey Chuck,
One of my parakeets told me that about you, so I guess I have to fire him. He may be one of those Jesuits infiltrated in the aviary. Problem is that he is yellow, and there are many of them with the same color. In Saudi Arabia, all of them would be beheaded and dismembered (with Trump’s approval… :roll_eyes:) . Not here though; I will be merciful to them, this way they won’t “resent” me … :innocent:


Can you give detailed specifics as to how the HS inspires mere human brings and how to distinguish between the holy and unholy spirit.

Now my turn to be critical.


I cannot imagine Adventists as bubble people.

Cousins? Is that where the term “long pork” comes from?

I didn’t think anyone missed me. Thanks for your gracious welcome.

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It was attempted humor, an oblique reference to “casting pearls before swine”.

And you’re welcome, even though I don’t agree at all with your prophetic or basic doctrianal paradigm, I think discussion is good.


Henry, you appear to be a great guy. It’s your math that may be a little crooked. So, my unsolicited opinion is, don’t bring up dates into the conversation and everyone will keep liking you, believe me.

I am sure about it based on my personal experience. I NEVER brought a single date into any conversation, and this why everyone, and I mean everyone, just loves me here. Believe me, believe me. :+1: :+1:


I sure am glad that you didn’t say “stupid rule”.


Oh no, that would have been really bad. I would never follow such a depraved impulse. Out of my vocab, this for sure!..


While much of EGW’S writing is eloquent, uplifting and rewarding,
her literary career is tarnished and tainted by her prolific plagiarism.

She will say “ I WAS SHOWN “ implying that God communicated with her directly ( like Moses on the mount ) and then follow it with a phrase, paragraph, page that decades later, was proven to be purloined from other writers.

God certainly chose a most circuitous route to send His messages to her —— via contemporary writers of her era!

This illicit “ borrowing “ compromises her production, which is further contaminated by later research that shows much of her output was actually produced by “ literary assistants “ — glorified secretaries who actually did much of her writing for her.

I do not know how George Knight deals with this troubling aspect of EGW. Prior to the stunning revelations detailed in Walter Rea’s tell all book, THE WHITE LIE, EGW was on the pinnacle of adulation / acceptance. Now that we know she had “ feet of clay “ it is hard to
restore her to the previous pedestal she occupied.


Is is possible, and believe me I don’t buy what I am about to say, could it be the “I was shown” simply meant that she heard or read from others a particular concept? Like I said I don’t buy this but could that be what she meant?

Listen I don’t even buy my possible argument. She meant God showed her. I’m trying to give the White Estate a face saver.


Um… Bubble people is the quintessential description of Adventists and Adventism.


Somehow I’m not having a struggle with this. Am I the outlier here! LOL


Yep, many times a read reviews twice. That is what I call a review.


Careful. They may sue you for trying to destroy their lucrative business during a pandemic… :innocent:
They need her to be “shown” by God, otherwise people will stop buying the “boox!” :rofl:


LOL… I figured this out over 40 years ago… for good!


I am pretty sure you are trying to have some fun. And I know that you know the answers thoroughly. Never mind, I’ll try my best to respond to your query.
First of all, the Holy Spirit is gift from God through Jesus, in honour of his death, resurrection and the completion of the atonement.
The operations of the Holy Spirit to me, is one of the mysteries beyond our comprehension, except for what we can gather from the experiences of individuals both in the Old and New Testament (consider Jesus’ discourse with Nicodemus on the new birth). I don’t have to remind you of John 14. about the work of the Holy Spirit, who will guide us into all truth, enlighten and empower us for good.
The context in which we are dealing with the word ‘inspiration’ is the influence of the Spirit in the production of Bible.
This is how the Bible explains of the prophetic inspiration of which you are not ignorant anyway. “…holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost” – 2 Pet. 1:21; “All scripture is given by the inspiration of God” – 2Timothy 3:16.
They were in control (possession) of the Holy Spirit (just as the serpent in Eden was under the control of Satan), their thoughts and words (according to the writer’s culture and background) were influenced. They don’t have to search for words to express what they have seen or heard. I cannot explain the process, but this is sufficient for me.
We may know what spirit is at work in an individual, by their life and works (fruits).
To the law and to the testimony, if they speak not according to this word, there is no truth in them, – you can be sure they are either inspired by the devil, or self-inspired (promptings of ones self). For the Holy spirit will always lead us into truth.
Did I pass the test?!
Thank you.

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Her eloquence, and the uplifting and rewarding nature of her writings must be credited to the authors she copied from. The beautiful gems, unique insights came form form the borrowed material. An example of I saw statement:
Ellen White (1827-1915): “Mount Zion was just before us, and on the mount sat glorious temple, and about it were seven other mountains, on which grew roses and lillies, and I saw the little ones climb,….and he said, you must go back to the earth again, and relate to others, what I have revealed to you” (Letter From Sister Harmon, Dec. 20, 1845, published in The Day Star, Jan 24, 1846).

Esdras (1st&2nd Cen AD): “I Esdras saw upon the mount Sion a great people, whom I could not number.” “And as many fountains flowing with milk and honey, and seven mighty mountains, whereupon there grows roses and lillies, whereby I will fill thy children with joy….then the angel said unto me, Go thy way, and tell my people what manner of things, and how great wonders of the lord thy God, thou hast seen” (2 Esdras 2: 19, 42).


Do you wear rose colored glasses?

As I study, I encounter dates and I do not brush them off as insignificant, I look to see if they might be of value.

From my personal Bible study, in September 2012, I tweeted that Pope Benedict would not be pope after the Spring of 2013. He resigned in February 2013 and he was not pope after the spring of 2013. In the 14 months before he resigned, I had tweeted 8 tweets (before the fact) that warned that he would not be pope in 2013.

I encountered the question of “How long is a Judgment Hour”? and studied it until I learned that based on millennial time, the duration of a judgment hour is 83 years 4 months. Thus, the Judgment Hour of the dead was from 22 October 1844 until 22 February 1928. The papal beast in Rev 13 was dead “Babylon is fallen” for that entire hour. Then during the Tarrying time, Babylon was revived by Mussolini in 1929. And Babylon was alive on The Day of Atonement 14 October 1929 for exactly 83 years 4 months until 14 February 2013 when pope Benedict resigned at the end of the Judgment Hour of the living. We are now in the final sealing time!

As it was in the Days of Noah, he went into the ark for 7 days. A day is a year in some Bible prophecies. From 14 February 2013, the 7 years counted to 14 February 2020. On that very day a bomb cyclone formed in the Atlantic Ocean when 2 major hurricanes merged and attacked Iceland and turned toward Europe. 14 February 2020 is also the very day that the WHO declared COVID-19 a global pandemic.

I identified 2 April 2020 as a significant date, but did not have the right event before the fact. And then there was 17 May 2020, the day that God’s people were to receive a blessing. On that day I saw that the global conference that Pope Francis had tried to convent in May 2020 was called off because of COVID-19. God had intervened to prevent the work of the 3rd angel from being compromised!

And since you mentioned it, I was impressed to study Ezekiel (he wrote of a vision In the 6 year on the 6 month, on the 5th day) when he saw a vision that linked to the elders in Jerusalem worshiping the sun. Ezekiel also tells of the 7 men with weapons beginning at the House of God and killing all that do not have the special mark on their foreheads.

Coincidentally, this is the 6th year since Pope Francis made Pope John-Paul II a saint. You may recall that Pope John-Paul II blasphemed God in his apostolic letter Dies Domani, in which JPII declared that Sabbath is Sunday. The 6th year of JPII’s sainthood, the 5th day of the 6th Jewish month (6 6 5) falls on 25 August 2020. Coincidentally, linking JPII to Sunday worship and 6 years 6th month and 5th day makes me wonder if the 666 Mark of the Beast will link to 26 August 2020? So I am watching to see if congress passes their next stimulus package on 26 August 2020 or if President Michael Pence is to in office by then?

Jesus told us to watch. And Daniel tells us that the wise will understand, while the wicked will do wickedly. So I am watching and sharing even if it does not make me popular among those who do not value my pearls, I’ll just be mindful of how I care for them. I have plenty to do with my you tube show (666 Mark of the Beast Tell All Show). So, I can read the articles here and comments when I have the time and not get bothered by those who do not understand dates and who would prefer to ignore them.

The Investigative Judgment in Heaven continues until Jesus stands and says “it is finished…”
The little Time of Trouble has begun. The “Time of Trouble” will begin with Michael Pence at the helm. And it will morph into the “Time of Jacob’s Trouble” soon enough ready or not!