Proposed Seventh-day Adventist Statement on Abortion

Kim, I am not aware of the reference source for your statement.
However, I did find this passage in Counsels for the Church, pg 285-286
Care of Orphans - "Let those who have the love of God open their hearts and homes to take in these children. It is not the best plan to care for the orphans in large institutions. If they have no relatives able to provide for them, the members of our churches should either adopt these little ones into their families or find suitable homes for them in other households."

These children are in a special sense the ones whom Christ looks upon, whom it is an
offense to Him to neglect. Every kind act done to them in the name of Jesus is accepted by Him as done to Himself.”

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An article was published in 1984 by the Adventist Review with the title “Adventist Adoption: Giving and Receiving” and subtitled “Review assistant editor James Coffin
discusses adoption with Adventist Adoption and Family Services director Fern Ringering.”

An article was published in 2003 by Northwest Pacific Union Conference’s GleanerNow - "Beginning in the 1950s under the guidance of Le Ellen Bradshaw, Adventist Adoption and Family Services is today a full-service adoption agency affiliated with the North Pacific Union Conference. It is now widely known as Christian Family Adoptions, a division of Adventist Adoption and Family Services, providing service to all persons and organizations without regard to sex, color, creed, age, religion or national origin.:

This (re-named) organization can be found on FB at Adventist Adoption & Family
which forwards to Christian Family Adoptions

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Yes. An interesting point.

If Adventists were SO pro-life, adoption agencies would abound across the globe. Obviously, adoption is not a priority with pro-life Adventists, although many have adopted.

Orphanages are not the same as adoption agencies.


I found this reference…

She admitted that some of his mission work was good and did good things, but nevertheless told him that work like operating orphanages should be done by other organizations to free up time, money, and manpower for Adventists to spread their distinctive message, especially the three angel’s messages and the truth of the Sabbath.
40E. G. White, Manuscript Releases,4:422-426

I found that in this document:
Andrews UniversityDigital Commons @ Andrews UniversityMaster’s ThesesGraduate Research2015Ellen G. White’s Counsel to Leaders in ConflictMichael Thomas White

40E. G. White, Manuscript Releases,4:422-426

And then I found this…

Manuscript Releases Volume Eight : Page 129

36. Orphanages for Black Children

An orphanage is greatly needed by the colored believers in the South. We have decided that this orphanage must be established. But in order for this to be done, money must be raised.


Nice. And we can have some churches for the colored and a colored school or two as well. Perfect!


And Conferences?



Did you change accounts or is this someone else?..

Yes, that/those are the ones that are most familiar. However, times change and Adventism never did develop a corporate system of care for even their own orphans.

Thank-you, Carol, for digging this one up…you saved me some time. :slight_smile:

I have always been told that this was the reason for the lack of SDA corporate care for orphans.


I wonder if part of it is because it’s a truly philanthropic endeavor with no money coming in (unless from specific donations). A loss financially for the church. Hate to sound cynical, but…


If you address some of the causes of abortion (particularly with young women) there are so many ways to connect and impact their lives positively. One way would be to work through Big Brothers/Sisters to mentor those young men and women who don’t have much in the way of positive mentoring in their lives. It could help them stay out of trouble and form a long lasting bond.

Another way would be to offer or get involved with positive parenting classes and financial planning. Of course, there is always a need to teach English as Second Language in most communities. All of this addresses some of the poverty, lack of education, and lack of positive relationships BEFORE pregnancies even start.

There is always a huge need for Foster Parenting everywhere…so many young people never get what they need and “age out” of the system when they are still young. Good homes with good values will make an enormous difference when it comes to making better decisions long term.

Thanks for the thoughtful questions…


It could be part of it as they seem loathe to fund much with “no return”. However, I think it started mostly with what EGW said about orphanages, etc., and the church never did develop a system. Of course, in the US, running “orphanages” isn’t something that is done. What we have now is Foster Care and Homes but nothing like the old orphanages.

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I recall seeing and knowing of orphanages when I was growing up. I think the majority of them were run by churches. I know the Baptists had them then and still do.

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Interesting…could you find a link to info on that, Carol?

And I am here thinking, Why is it important to know what EGW thought about this issue? There are social situations today that she could never have dreamed about. Her ideas are for her days not for our days.


Which is one reason why we are still bantering around about things now…

I googled Baptist orphanages and whole bunch of them came up. I wasn’t positive that they still operated them, but apparently they do.

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