PUC Film Prof: "Give Young Adventist Artists Space to Speak Their Language"

There are things that school can’t teach us.  As vital as education was in Rajeev Sigamoney’s Film career, he finds in visual story telling important lessons that cannot be found in a classroom. “We go to school to learn how to do math or understand how things work, but no one really teaches us there, what to do when somebody bullies us or how you’re supposed to respond to falling in love,” he says. The Assistant Professor of Film and Television Production at Pacific Union College says “good entertainment helps us understand those parts of life that are equally important but aren’t taught by traditional education.”

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Narrative preaching is a powerful tool. Smuts is a master. the dean of narrative preaching was Dr. Fred. Craddock, Bandy Professor of Preaching at Emory and author of the Cherry Log Sermons and the Craddock Stories. They are must reads. Tom Z

Preaching is only one form, and may be not the best today to spread the Gospel. Watching videos and movies is much more popular while preaching is considered passe.

Old Fashioned is a wonderfully told tale. The dialogue. The directing of the actors’ every moves and looks. Some of the scenes had to be done with just the right lighting. The most impressive example of that was the scene of the parked car on the side of the road and the two standing under the tree.
Waiting for the sun at the exact moment to shine through the top branches had to be created in the mind before it could be placed on film. And the acting had to be perfect to get that scene at that particular moment and not much time for a retake.
It was well worth the Senior Discount ticket cost to see it and to experience not just the story line and the acting, but the creativity envisioned before the first scene was shot.
Hopefully it will come out in DVD and can be sold at the local Kroger Super Market, and shown in SDA churches.

I agree but the most effect form of preaching remains the narrative, just recall the parables of Jesus… Tom Z

“I’d rather see a sermon than hear one any day;
I’d rather one would walk with me than merely show the way.”

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thanks I agree with Edgar Guest also, but my point was merely that a narrative film was one step beyond the narrative sermon or parable. I intended it to be supportive. However, some film is highly staged and doesn’t project reality. just as General Mac wading ashore, We made it safe. For him to do that. Tom Z

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I haven’t seen the film but I agree that a narrative expresses the desire and intent much better.

I have the Late Fred Craddock story book. Have used it often in sermons. Leading story about his father really a good one, with so many others.

Denominational literature? :wink: