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“Present Truth” is a very well used term in Adventism, since the beginnings. Ellen White wrote a lot about it, books, articles and magazines written about Present Truth.

So, it’s your view that it is an individual idea? Is it ever a corporate situation, since it’s so prevalent in Adventism/EGW? I’ve never seen this term other than in the SDA Church. Who (in this present time) would determine Present Truth corporately, if more refinement came along?

Can Present Truth ever disagree with established SDA doctrine? If a Christian church has a doctrine/belief that disagrees with Adventism, is it possible that they have the correct “present truth” and SDA’s are wrong?
Will the SDA church ever consider anything outside of their “present truth” thinking, if it comes from non-Sevie writings. Is (correct) “present truth” (doctrinally/corporately) exclusive to Adventism?

Just some thoughts…

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I had the impression that the movement was more toward, “Let’s Make the Church Old Again!”:wink:

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I am glad that people in any denomination have present truth. Those who keep being Bible-based, of course.



I so wish I could buy into this idea. It would be a blessing.

However, those into the Headship Heresy are pushing for a complete backtrack on women’s ordination to ministry, women’s commissioning, and defrocking women ordained as elders. It is known that some at the highest levels have never embraced ordaining women as elders.

Thus, this seems to be a first step on de-frocking all women who serve in authorized spiritual leadership positions.

I believe those who are pushing this agenda have a commitment to the raw headship banning of women from anything but token leadership.

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If so then things are worse than I realised. I believe that historically sexism and racism tend to go hand in hand. If its so easy to justify mistreating a fellow human based on body parts then doing so based on skin tone will not be far behind. A double edged sword for members who look like me!
I almost forget the North American division is already officially divided on race/ethnic lines, no wonder WO is an issue! The 1940’s white Adventists leaders solution to the ‘coloured’ members complaint of not being treated like equals were Regional conferences. It was meant to be a temporary arrangement and yet 70 years later the prejudiced is ingrained in American Adventism. The church has gone nose blind to the elephant stinking up that room! How on earth do they square the circle of leader of the church, she who must be obeyed forever, FEMALE Ellen G Harmon White??? What a contradiction!



In not exactly the same words, this is what my 89-year-old Adventist pastor’s wife mother says.

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If it were not so sad it would be hilariously funny, The makings of a comedy, no one would be believe this if it were scripted. A fictional church started with an influential female leader whose leaders/followers some place on the same par as the bible argues 100 years after her death whether women should be official leaders in its church. You can not make this stuff up!

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The whole thing, from A - Z, is tragically funny…and strange. :pensive: :anguished:

So much doesn’t make sense.

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