Queen Elizabeth II: An General Conference Double Standard

What did my last post say about things like that?

The comment about knowing Gods way was never to be dismissive, there are things about God we just don’t know. It wasn’t me who said God puts in who He choose His word in Scripture did.

I can only show what He says, I don’t argue scripture.

It has taken me a long time to get to understand the sovereignty of God, but the Bible is my go to place.

That is totally in correct, please look up the definition of pope and you’ll find it not being the case that the monarch being head of the church in anyway makes them a pope. Does this definition you have applied to the queen apply also to Ted Wilson?

By what are you defining her Christian values on? What are you basing your assertions on?

Yeah, but she still enjoyed the proceeds of British genocide, rape, torture etc, and never apologized or returned any of the items, a very good Christian :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:. She even became the head of the Commonwealth, a neocolonial organization used to whitewash the evils of the British empire and still maintain some influence over former British colonies.

That is a god question. In your first post you wrote that all(!) leaders are appointed by God. I questioned that view. You responded by citing three different verses from the bible to proof your point. Since you also wrote that you don’t argue with scripture, I came back with an extreme example where your position becomes unbearable, forcing you to finally argue at least a little bit with scripture. You then agreed that there can be situations where one should not obey to the leaders. But then in the next sentences you argued that we are not able to understand Gods ways, which seemed to imply that we are finally not allowed to question our leaders even when this stance becomes unbearable. I responded in a slightly sarcastic way that when you point out to Gods transcendence you are basically trying to hide the fact that your position is contradictory.

When someone comes up with a position that turns out to be contradictory, then one would normally start arguing and slowly move to a better justified position. You instead say that you don’t want to argue and insist that it is just fine that your position is contradictory, claiming that we humans cannot understand true logic.

Nope didn’t say that what I meant was I had already answered it previously,

“ Is there a time when we would disobey? Yes, if what is being asked breaks Gods Law. It’s not about a law you dislike but one that would break Gods standards.”

You have made assumptions about what I have said, my position isn’t contradictory but then why do I have the Bible of what the bible said isn’t true.

I quoted the Bible is my position wrong that what the bible says is true?

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