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And the black metaltail hummingbird (Metallura phoebe), above, survives cold nights by pushing its body temperature down to 3ºC, existing temporarily in a manner of suspended animation.

This is the coldest body temperature ever documented for any bird, or for any mammal that does not hibernate.

Absolutely mind-boggling.

Yet, again, like your notes, above: Off-topic and utterly irrelevant.


It’s the same psychiatrist who has been charged with saying something of this nature.

She certainly didn’t use the word “defective.”

However, the idea that white people are descended from Africans is a fundamental conjecture of human ethnology.

Do you have a different professional opinion?

She’s the same psychiatrist who has been charged with saying something of this nature.

Sorry, my brother: You have to get your own adjectives if you’re going to trade in ad hominem! :smiley:

No: I’ve been gagging on yours! :rofl:



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On that, @elmer_cupino and I are in full agreement, @Arkdrey.

[[group hug]]




At least I have not said anything that drew attention from my professional societies that I belong to.

I see that you also have interviewed Lisa Randall and Brian Greene, both of whom I admire as physicists. Do you have a link on those interviews you can share with your Spectrumite brothers?


I discovered that I’m stupid. Or positively said, I am learning something new. I thought that supremacy is the same as having power or privilege. I thought white supremacy simply means white privilege. And I couldn’t understand why anyone would deny the existence of white privilege (and btw still can’t, but that’s not the point of my post).

Now I get that some of you didn’t argue against white privilege per se (well some of you did) but against a redefinition and extension of white supremacy.

I was told very recently by someone, who is very firm in these theories, that in the US white supremacists are actually the clearly racist guys like KKK and these aryan groups etc. And this is to distinguish from the fact that white persons have white privilege. In a US context, to put them together (white privilege = white supremacy) basically implies a direct connection between all white persons (because they are privileged) with those evil supremacist groups.

I begin to understand why some of you US fellas argued so vehemently against the idea of all white persons having a connection to these supremacist ideologies. It’s a redefinition I wasn’t aware of before. Am I catching up with US terminology this time?

edit: Also @Harry_Allen Harry, help, is it a redefinition and extension from your side? Or am I still not getting it (and maybe more non-US readers)?


Please don’t say that. Your self-discovery is unwarranted. :wink:

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That’s not good, @elmer_cupino. Sadly, that probably means that you’re not making any breakthroughs.

Here we are, talking about Welsing’s ideas, half a century after she wrote them, nearly half a decade after she died.

What, that you’ve recently committed to paper, will people remember, or be talking about in fifty years, Elmer? Is there something?

I’m seriously asking.

They are not online, but I should put them up: They were really good conversations.

If I do, sometime in the next few months, should I reach out to you and let you know?


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I’ve lived a very boring life. Nothing to brag about. :blush:

I’ve read their books, I watch their YouTube videos as a diversion from my psychiatric practice. Let me know when you post them. I’m serious…

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Well, thanks, but to actually realize to not get what people were talking about when being in the very middle of it all and blabbing all the more is kind of embarrassing to say the least. :rofl:


Whoever diagnosed that must be fired!!!
Completely fake, nothing but a hoax. Was it a Russian??? :laughing: :innocent:


Thanks for another excellent insight, @Kate.

I posted something similar, on Twitter, in June. (I’ve also done so, before.)

It starts here, continues here, and this tweet, posted subsequently, concludes it, though it’s not part of the thread.

Starting in 2014—and doing so a couple of times, since then—I tweeted the following:

A question, for white people, only:
Does “white privilege”—having it, benefitting from it, etc.—make one a racist?

Most people could not answer the question with a straight “Yes” or “No.”

This started to confirm my suspicion that the term, white privilege, was, essentially, a racism “car seat.”


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Oh, my goodness: You need to watch “Tapestry”, the S6E15 of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

I’ll happily do so, if I put them up, when they are up.

Thank you for asking.


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Thanks for the suggestion. I’d like to watch it but I have successfully resolved my adolescent magical thinking years and am now entering my twilight years. :rofl:


Excellent. Good for you!


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Harry, I think you are way too educated to formulate this argument as viable.

Do you know what’s the evidence that I’m not a murderer? There isn’t one, that’s the entire point. Some things are demonstrated by lack of evidence, especially when it comes to certain moral charges like racism.

There’s nothing really you can present to me to prove that you are not a murderer. And there’s nothing I can present as evidence that I’m not a racist… other than no evidence to the contrary.

Hence, the core support for your assumption folds on this particular point.


Hi, GeorgeTichy.

As I said weeks ago, before @webEd publicly reprimanded you for your online conduct, and as I am saying, now:

You could refute everything I’m saying, and have said. All you have to do is write a better argument.

Yet, somehow, you absolutely never have. This suggests you don’t possess one.

Above, I took 900+ words spelling out why this statement, by you…

…though congruent with previous statements you’ve made, is also, like them, unverifiable. That’s 100 words for every word you wrote.

This is a big, fat target. If it were me, I would be slicing away at like a samurai.

However, instead of showing what I’ve said is false, you stick your head over the fence and gossip with @elmer_cupino, casting aspersion and innuendo, trying to alert the @webEd to reprove me.

I dunno: This just seems a tad un-sportsmanlike-like.


Level up.


@Arkdrey, I don’t know how educated you are, but this is a bad argument.

The evidence that you’re not a murderer is the lack of evidence that you are one.

You say this, yourself, in your second paragraph.

You claim that there is a lack of evidence that you are a racist. But that is a conclusion you’re foisting on me, and that I’m unwilling to accept.

I have set a very high bar for true claims of this sort. They appear in my response to GeorgeTichy’s claim that

Unless you can show that the bar I’ve set is malformed, self-contradictory, or possesses other self-defeating flaws, it’s as reasonable a standard as the one that set the ground work for it; i.e., the preceding one, determining whether or not one pollutes the environment.

Hence, the core support for your assumption folds on this particular point.


Let me turn your question on you. What academic accomplishments have you earned Harry? HS? College? MA? PhD? And in what specialty do you consider yourself in?

Just curious since you are asking others @Arkdrey

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You must not have read the entire post, @elmer_cupino. I haven’t asked anyone such a question.

@Arkdrey wrote a response to my GeorgeTichy post, saying:

I read his post, wrote back, and, before refuting his statement, I said:


Thank you, Harry!

Is this your metaphor?:
Mr and Mrs KKK sit in the racism car. Also in the racism car are Mr and Mrs White Privilege. Both couples are not the same. Mr an Mrs KKK have gotten in the racism car by themselves. Mr and Mrs White Privilege were born in the same car. Both couples may sit very far away from each other, but, nevertheless, both are in the same car.

From your point of view, to say they are different without simultaneously acknowledging they are still both part of racism (= in the racism car) is minimizing the danger of racism.

From a contrary point of view, to say they belong together despite their differences is not nuanced enough. Isn’t it something different to have actively chosen an evil ideology vs. to be passively born with privilege? Isn’t US thinking all about freedom of choice? Freedom of choosing different in one’s own sphere of influence?

For me personally, nuances don’t necessarily have to mean compromising. Nuances are part of life.

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