Ralph Trecartin Announced as Pacific Union College’s 24th President

Dr. Ralph Trecartin has been selected by the Pacific Union College Board of Trustees to be the next president of Pacific Union College. He will begin his role as president on July 1, 2021, and will be the college’s twenty-fourth president in its 138-year history.

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i’m thinking that this is the third announcement of a new president since heather knight’s resignation just 5 yrs ago, if i’m remembering correctly…i hope all is well at PUC…it’s easily one of our most beautiful campuses…

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How long is the period for a president in PUC and other SDA institutions in NAD?

It seems risky to take the job of President at PUC! And I hope the board has done better with its selection this time. The last two regular (not interim) presidents have essentially been “fired” (asked to leave) by the board. In my doctoral studies in personnel administration, I was taught that multiple hiring failures reflect on the administration / administrator - not just the person “fired”.

I have a deep love for PUC, and I pray that Dr. Trecartin will be successful!


my worry is that it may not be multiple hiring failures so much as it’s things people start seeing and experiencing once they move into the inside of operations…this rapid turnover of presidents could be a not so silent plea to the larger church for help…

Has PUC ever had a Black president?


heather knight was the first and only woman and african american president of PUC, 2009-2017…

Thanks, @vandieman…. I thought I recalled an African-American person serving in that role.

Her tenure ended in 2017. Who succeeded her, but held the office for only four years?


well, this is the problem…two presidents since heather knight have come and gone, and now they’re just announcing a third…

Apart from Dr. Trecartin’s ascendancy, this statement reminds me of a question satirist George Carlin used to ask during one of his profane, hilarious sets on abortion:

“If a fetus is a human being, how come people say, ‘We have two children and one on the way,’ instead of saying, ‘We have three children’?”


My goodness! Why are the elected William Henry Harrison-ing the office?

Why is the board selecting such short-lived candidates?

This makes me think of a non-profit at which I served. There, the chief executive officer was rumored to have taken the top position, just long enough for his health plan to vest.

Thus equipped, he was able to have expensive surgery, heal, and bounce!


I wish Dr. Ralph Trecartin success in his position as President of PUC. A search on the internet indicates that he is well qualified for this leadership role. Having said that, I also wonder at the “fast turnover” of Presidents within the last three to four years. It is not a good sign if an institution hires someone and their tenure only last one to two years.

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