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Recently, Ryan Bell, Lisa Diller, Kumar Dixit and Julius Nam started doing some experimental podcasts surrounding contemporary issues and Adventism. In this 18 min. conversation, hosted by Lisa they focus on the question:

"What are the challenges faced by local Adventist churches when it comes to retaining and attracting young people?"

Along the way, they talked about:

  • "What does it mean for a church to be healthy?"
  • "What role does a pastor have in
  • "Can one have a vibrant religious life apart from commitment to a local congregation?"

* Ryan Bell, Pastor of Hollywood Seventh-day Adventist Church in Los Angeles, and author of Intersections blog. * Lisa Clark Diller, Associate Professor of History at Southern Adventist University * Kumar Dixit, Associate Pastor of New Hope Church in Fulton, Maryland, and author of Wondering About God blog. * and Julius Nam, Associate Professor of Religion, Loma Linda University

This was originally aired on Progressive Adventism.

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