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Keisha and Alex both began reading through the Bible on January 1. 

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Apparently whoever arranged the reading sequence you are using thinks that Job was written by Moses who, of course, is also the author of the whole of the Pentateuch. I can appreciate your desire to read the King James Version rather more recent versions based on better manuscripts and scholarship, but the moment the reading sequence is described as “chronological” it claims to be based on something other than the Bible. The author of this sequence chose tradition rather than scholarship as his guide, and in the process left the texts floating in a rarified atmosphere, rather than planted on their native soil.

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Alexander here:

Perhaps I’m wrong but I thought the reading order I’m following is not an attempt at an authorial or historical chronology but rather an order of the narrative. It’s about when the character of Job fits into the story, in this case between Genesis 10 and 11.

It seems to me that either way it is based on very dubious assumptions.
My comment is only that. I thought it might alert readers to the unavoidable mediation of any one who “arranges” the Bible for any purpose.
I read the Bible through as a teenager in Argentina, following the guide that the Young People’s Department of the G.C. provided for the “Sociedad de Jóvenes” that functioned in all Adventist Churches at that time. Attending its meetings on Sabbath afternoons was a well established custom.

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