Recommendations Resulting from the 2018 Annual Council Compliance Action

At the end of Monday’s afternoon business session of the 2019 Annual Council, Executive Committee members were handed a document titled “Recommendations Resulting from the 2018 Annual Council Compliance Action.” Delegates were instructed to review the proposed document for discussion on Tuesday, October 15, 2019.

On page 2, four unions are listed as entities that “have taken actions that are not in harmony with Working Policy and practices on credentials:”

1. Danish Union of Churches Conference (Trans-European Division)

2. North German Union Conference (Inter-European Division)

3. Norwegian Union Conference (Trans-European Division)

4. Swedish Union of Churches Conference (Trans-European Division)

The document lists the recommendation that these “entities be ‘Warned’ as provided for in the 2018 Annual Council voted document.”

Additionally, two unions are listed as entities that “have taken actions that are not in harmony with voted actions of the General Conference Session and the General Conference Executive Committee placing them in persistent non-compliance:”

1. Columbia Union Conference (North American Division)

2. Pacific Union Conference (North American Division)

The full document is included below:

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What is happening to the GC? First, the GC’s attempt to deprive NAD conference presidents of voice participation is tabled, i.e., rejected. Then the GC sees its budget cut and the NAD tithe contribution to the rest of the Church decreased as the tithe parity changes are voted. Then the proposed Statement on abortion the GC has been working on for two years is not even voted up or down, because most everyone recognizes how bad the proposed Statement is. And now we are told that the GC in a highly divisive move is apparently going to try to impose discipline on those who are faithfully following their conscience regarding women in ordained ministry. There must be a thought wandering through the minds of the delegates that the train they are on may have jumped the rails.


Prayer is a powerful thing.


Thank you very much for the report!
They have to be kidding, really… half of the statement to be discussed is simply wrong.
The Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, and North German brethren don’t ordain women. They simply don’t. Well, Denmark, Sweden, Norway don’t ordain anyone at the moment. The North German brethren also don’t ordain women.
This is just a big huge power play.


If it is the intent of the leadership to split the church, this is surely an effective way to get the ball rolling. I am having a very difficult time even seeing how I can can continue to serve in a church that would do this to its women. I feel like I am being asked to either go against my conscience, or leave the church in protest. I am not one to do anything rash, but this is a sad day indeed.


So… The Kompliance Kommandos are alive?! Didn’t we hear just a few days ago that they are being dismantled?

Hmmm, maybe the KGC now has a disinformation office, and fooled us. We should have known better! This GC cannot be trusted.

Outrageous. I am speechless! I am not sure that there are enough people with backbone to stand up and denounce this craziness.

The SDAC is no longer a Christian Church. It’s nothing but a cult, again.


Maybe TW doesn’t feel he needs compliance committees to try and force compliance. The wording of the documents suggests this is just a continuation of previous “warnings” now being elevated to step two.


Those people are sick! Yes, of the head!


Bryan, if the Pacific Union is disciplined to the point of splitting off from the GC, Pacific Union College and La Sierra University would be a part of that. The GC has no control over those institutions, although it does over Loma Linda. I fear this could hurt PUC like the Desmond Ford/Glacier View controversy did 40 years ago - enrollment would be critically harmed and many good people would lose their jobs. I am praying for those of you employed at PUC and LSU. May God grant you wisdom, courage, and protection in these perilous times. I, for one, would be heartbroken to see these two wonderful institutions suffer or ultimately close because of this.


Thank you for your concern. This indeed could cause trouble in that way, although for reasons other than that the Ford controversy, because in this case, no matter what the college may do, it is the Union that would be making the move. Of course, it is also possible that even were that to happen, PUC and LSU might still do okay, as a majority of the constituents are pro women’s ordination. I think doing what is right is more important, ultimately, no matter what might happen to the college. I do value the institution, though, so I certainly don’t wish to see this all go badly.


I wanted to write but I think I will stick to prayer.


We have witnessed a surge of anti-Trinitarianism in the Seventh-day Adventist Church during Ted Wilson’s presidency. This surge of anti-Trinitarianism has been catalyzed by opposition to women’s ordination, which is undergirded by male headship theology, of which the principal component is neo-subordinationism, otherwise known as Eternal Functional Subordinationism, otherwise known as the complementarian doctrine of the Trinity. To date, no Seventh-day Adventist opponent of women’s ordination has ever publicly and unequivocally denounced this heresy. Indeed, there are many, including certain GC Executive Committee members, who have openly promoted this heresy. The desire they feel to eternally subordinate women to men has caused them to hierarchically order the immanent Trinity and subordinate the Son to the Father. This heresy is fundamentally an abandonment of biblical Christianity.

As Elders Ricardo Graham and Dave Weigley await the results of the vote of reprimand tomorrow, Jesus stands with them. Our precious Lord and Savior knows how it feels to be debased by certain members of the GC Executive Committee. This debasement is ongoing and remains unaddressed. I am sure that neither Ricardo nor Dave feel they are worthy of the honor, ironic as it is, that might be bestowed upon them tomorrow. May their thoughts and attention remain on Him. May they never waver from their conviction that He is sovereign.


Why leave the church to these leaders? Don’t even think of doing it.


Naming and Shaming! This is a well-known method of enforcing compliance. We should not misunderstand its purpose. It is to so completely humiliate a person before those he or she loves, and so entirely to cause him or her to feel rejected, that the person’s will is broken and he or she complies in a spasm of introjected self-loathing. It is ugly. It is cruel. It is sadistic. It is not done in the heat of wrath but with the cold calculation of those whose only goal is retain their position of superior power no matter what it takes.


The church did not need to end in this scenario but here we are. This is the result of bad judgement on the part of our leaders, initiated with Pastor Lemon’s firing, and is evidence that we eventually find what we look for. What is striking about the GC proposed “naming and shaming” resolution is consistent with themes of vindictiveness such as the wish to impart personal injury. There are certain issues in life that will never be resolved by being vindictive such as issues of culture, maturity and conscience. It is well known in mental health through couples therapy and family therapy that vindictiveness is a defense mechanism to the fear of being abandoned. We see this particularly when children develop their own identity outside of the wish of their parents. Being vindictive only worsens the situation similar to pouring gasoline on a burning bush. The only way reason can prevail is to focus on the core issue of loss and abandonment. However our current GC leaders are psychologically incapable of introspection but excel instead in projection and fueling each other’s fears similar to a group of adolescent teenagers engaged in “dare me” game. Therefore the only resolution to this GC-induced dilemma is to table the issue until all our current GC leaders have been replaced. Anything else will only exacerbate the problem.

I pray that reasonable minds rule on Tuesday’s meeting. Could any of our delegates be listening?


To taking actions against those who believe that the Spirit of God may chose who He wishes to service is in fact a slap in the face to the Almighty Himself. May the Great I Am act to defend those, His servants, He has called.


Seeing the happening in latest Amazon synod
And womens ordination

Let hope some are brave to speak up

I am dismayed … Any other wording would be too impolite to print them here.

We may be moving faster to a historic divide than expected.


Are all six out of compliance over WO? If so, this shows what the leadership will choose to go after if entities in the church are non compliant. I understand that there is a lot of non compliance in other unions over other things, yet they are not worthy of singling out. This is not Spirit led. To the contrary. It is pure politics being exposed here. Not that we didn’t know this, but it affirms what we have known all along. Pity our fellowship.


Andreas, I share the same sentiments with you. I can’t believe that this is actually happening in a religious organization. What kind of religion is this?
I only hope the abusive and shameful proposition os voted down, as a message to Ted Wilson that his Machiavellian administration style is repugnant.

This year I decided not to waste time watching those procedures, because it’s disgusting to see the GC manipulating the Church as they have been doing under TW. Today I am very curious to see the results when the story will be posted here.

I don’t know if it would be actually possible for the PUC and the CUC to declare independence from the despotic system operated now by the GC. But, if it happens, I want to be Member #1 of the new institution, the new Independent PUC!