Recorder Covers the 'Adventists Against Prop. 8' News

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The Pacific Union Recorder just published a story about the growing controversy over the Church State Council's endorsement of Proposition 8 from a theological perspective.

The online article by Recorder publisher Gerry Chudleigh, "Marriage Amendments Spark Online Debate," notes that the October issue included an argument from Alan Reinach, Director of Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, (also a promoter of the Ten Commandments Day hype) endorsing Prop. 8.

But even before the October Recorder arrived in mailboxes throughout the union, it became apparent that not all Adventists agreed. A website appeared in late September that called on Adventists to oppose the California amendment, not because the sponsors favor same-sex marriage, but because the amendment "breaches the spirit of religious liberty, separation of church and state, and non-establishment of religion that Adventists have long cherished." To read more, go to

"So far, I have been pleased with the Christian spirit in which the discussions have proceeded," says Ricardo Graham, president of the Pacific Union. "As Seventh-day Adventists, we are committed to following God's plan for marriage as described in Scripture, we are committed to the separation of church and state, and we are committed to treating everyone with the same respect and dignity that God shows toward us."

Graham continues, "I urge all church members in Arizona and California to prayerfully study the issues and vote the way you believe will best uphold the values our church stands for.

It appears to breakdown along these lines:

Folks who are more afraid of same-sex couples going from being in civil unions to getting to legally call themselves married vs. those who are more concerned about what this encroachment of theological arguments to remove existing legal rights may do to our long tradition of (and worship safety in) the separation of church and state.

See the 400 plus who have signed the petition and check out the 300 plus who have joined the Facebook site.

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