Reflections on Annual Council

(George Tichy) #42

Elmer, do we need a word of a current prophet about what his choice is?..

(George Tichy) #43

Jeremy, do we need a word of a current prophet to reveal what TW has learned on this so far? :wink:

(George Tichy) #44

Discriminators of women have no problem making statements like the one you are commenting on. Discrimination works like any other addiction. And needs treatment!

(George Tichy) #45

I already volunteered for this task in the past. My running platform remains the same, and strong: Elect me and I will dissolve the GC within 6 months, thus ending my own employment with the Church at that time as well.

All this chaos we are witnessing in our Church is happening only because this GC Kommandatura believes that they have super-powers and should just be obeyed by everyone.

Want to eradicate the problem? Just impeach TW, who is the main fomenter of this unfortunate deteriorating condition.

(George Tichy) #46

Well, apparently TW has some “godly traits,” since he appears to know who the tares are and is taking steps to shake the tree!
Or does he believe that God went on vacation and left him in charge?.. :roll_eyes: :innocent:

(George Tichy) #47

I still believe that you, @elmer_cupino and I should insist in creating the “Nutcracker Clinic” in one of those rooms vacated after the NAD (wisely) left the GC building. If those in need of treatment refused it, we could at least 51/50 them… :wink:

(George Tichy) #48

It would be very irresponsible to do that when discrimination of women is pushed on the Church as it has been now.

By the way, there are no " dissident Unions, Conferences and Divisions." This is a very corrosive language that leads only to rotten results. What he are seeing is parts of the Church lifting up their voices in combat against discrimination of women.

Since you made such a strong statement, would you please clarify your position answering the following question:

Do you support discrimination of women in our Church?
____ YES … … ____ NO

Straightforward Y/N answer please, no explanation needed.

(George Tichy) #49

I know a couple of churches around here (SoCal, PUC territory) that if those (Ted’s envoys) Kompliance Kommandos landed here, they would be, immediately, kindly escorted out through the front door! Personas non gratas!..

(George Tichy) #50

How does your question apply to the issue being discussed? I don’t get it!

The main issues are twofold:

  1. Centralization of power at the GC. Giving the GC super-power to control (and threaten) the Church structure by now (after the AC) utilizing the Kompliance Kommandos to instill fear everywhere.
  2. Perpetuation of Discrimination of women. This is the visible, undeniable, and shameful ultimate goal of this GC President and his sekretariat.

So, again, How does your question apply to the issue being discussed? I don’t get it!

(Kim Green) #51

51/50…you truly are too funny! :rofl:

(George Tichy) #52

Funny? If we call the authorities and explain what is going on, what those people are saying and doing, I bet ANY authority will first call for reinforcement and will take ALL of them. Not for a 72 hr stay, but rather for 14 days straight confinement! And mandatory long term mental health treatment after that!!!

Not a joke, I am very serious. Those people are not only spiritually out of order, they must be good candidates for a mental tune up!!!

(Kim Green) #53

Are you sending them to a typical MH unit…or do you have something else in mind? Remember, it has to serve vegetarian/vegan food, with Sabbath observance, preferably with SDA approved music, and…last, but not least, an approved SDA chaplain (Doug B. might do…or Bohr. I am sure that KP would be thrilled for the chance to “minister” ;-)). That’s a tough placement! :laughing:

(Elmer Cupino) #54

Eat with them during lunch, get to know them more, offer a listening and empathic ear, show them how to regulate affect and perhaps teach them a thing or two about appropriate coping skills short of threats… Let’s go for it. Are you with us Kim? @cincerity

(Kim Green) #55


(Steve Mga) #56

Don’t forget to take your own Salt and Pepper.

(Elmer Cupino) #57

Steve, we’ll get rid of the salt sodium chloride and substitute it with another salt, Lithium carbonate. Then in two weeks, we’ll get lithium levels and everybody should be happy and we all can sing the “Kumbaya” song. LOL!

(Kim Green) #58

“Lithium carbonate”…it certainly couldn’t hurt. Many people there could have the best “moods” of their lives! :joy::rofl:


Nkosi, agreed why push the issue that the Holy Spirit is the sole arbiter of who He chooses to give His gifts.

Why shouldn’t we as a church be able to decide for Him and declare all females as unfit for the calling He gave to them.

Why insist that we apply Fundamental Belief #14 or 17 and ignore the fact that WO was practiced by the early SDA.


(George Tichy) #60

They will be so happy with “Elmer’s Salt” that they will want to take some home for their spouses… :rofl:

(Nkosi) #61

Like I said, I think it’s time to step back and do some reflection, maybe you are right, maybe the pro wo camp is right, maybe the anti wo camp is right, but right now I will like to take time to digest and reflect on everything that’s been said.