Reflections on Annual Council


What do you mean by sacred (please be specific)?

Based on analysis of your previous comments it appears that gender qualification is established and that females in particular are forbidden from ‘sacred responsibility’. Could you please elucidate on what foundation you base this assumption.


What does the Priesthood of ALL Believers mean to you, Denver?


This is the question, isn’t it? Can the Holy Spirit gift whomever He wishes? Or must man’s policies trump the Holy Spirit?

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For the record, nowhere have I said or implied that women are excluded from responsibilities, sacred or otherwise.

All I have noted is that there is not a single woman who can meet the stated criteria for elder, deacon or bishop: “husband of one wife”.

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How many daughters of Levi served as priests?

You stand among those who murmured against Moses, claiming he grasped authority not given to him by God. Ironically, the reverse is as true now as it was then: progressives simply cannot resist projecting their own worst Impulses on to anyone who disagrees with them.

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How many sons of Levi are presently ordained pastors?
As i recall, there are far more tests, including examination for no monorchics, divorce, unruly children, unkempt hair, altar-blood splashed, entering seminary at 25 yo and then 5 years of education to then be consecrated to their role, abstain from “entering near a dead body”, married to a virgin of his own tribe, to not have “broken stones”, or be “scabbed”, have “scurvy”, have a blemished eye, be dwarf or skinny, be crookbakt (hunchback), broken handed or footed, superfluous, flat nosed, lame, blind…

…wow, we better ordain NO ONE, as NONE ARE QUALIFIED!


Thank you, Denver, O judge of those who see things differently.

Who is your Levite, ordained pastor?

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Can you please clarify this statement by listing those “worst impulses?”

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This is not the kind of comment that a woman like Harrpa @harrpa , or anyone else, would ever appreciate. This is clearly a detrimental and offensive ad hominem comment. Not good, not allowed here. Beware of the @webEd:open_mouth:


Indeed the letter you refer to does specify a guideline for males, which implies there were issues with men not women.

In the words of the NAD President "…God pours out His Spirit on men and women and the church, that is the General Conference of Seventh Day Adventists in its annual counsels has authorized female pastors. It is supported in policy after policy (you can google this yourself DCFlecture). When you hear somebody say or write, as an ill informed person did recently ‘ that the GC has decided what kind of pastors we want in the church and it’s MEN ’. Hooey!” he cried. “Hooey! the church has NEVER said only men can be pastors! As a matter of fact there has been a lot more female pastors when EGW was alive than when she went off the scene…The fact is friends, let be understood to all who like it and all who don’t like it, we will not be deterred we don’t care what action, we don’t care what body, we do not care. We have a mandate from God to encourage, to enhance, and empower women to serve as Pastors. …before you say you are going against Policy voted…I will give you a black book called ‘ Working Policy of the General Conference of Seventh Day Adventists ’. I will even highlight the places that you need to read. We are not doing anything contrary to the General Conference. As a matter of fact we never have…To be honest, I’m getting really tired of the baloney that comes through our fake news outlets…”

NAD is NOT out of compliance nor are those who advocate WO, such an assertion is a false witness before the brethren and God Almighty.

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