Reflections on My Time at Avondale under Des Ford

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Understood. Thanks for your response.


I’m on holiday overseas at the moment Carol.

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Your memories and comments about Des are so positive because you knew him well. Anyone who knew him well will have positive comments about him.

His detractors have something in common: They did not have a close relationship with him, they never read/studied seriously his writings, and never listened to his preaching in a significant way. A bunch of hypocrites talking and acting out of ignorance. By their “fruits” we know them well.

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George, you are so right. In Australia there are thousands of ignorant people in the Church, who do not know Des, nor do they care about truth. They grandstand in their ignorance. This can also be said of some administrators.

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Ken, since the early 80’s I decided not to discuss Des or his theology with people who haven’t read AT LEAST the GV document. This eliminated a lot of headache and wasting of time talking to people who don’t know what they are talking about. By doing this, I avoided having more than a couple of people landing on my turf…

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George, we have just celebrated the life of this humble man Des, at the Newcastle University. The venue was originally to be Avondale College, but was changed by the doogooders who knew not Des. I believe Kingscliffe Church was one of the culprits. That church was once a gospel Church . It has now flipped back the opposite way-check out the leader?

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Ken, I watched the celebration live online. It was great.
But what the Denomination did to him, again, even when he was resting in the grave, was deplorable an inexcusable. Those people have an evil and deteriorated character.

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I am reading through these responses and I notice that “this topic will automatically close in an hour”, so let me comment on the writer, John Hackwell, rather than the subject, Des Ford.
As you can see from the above, John has a gift for writing and his metaphorical touch takes off and soars.
If you want more of it, I highly recommend ‘Black Angel Journey’, W. John Hackwell, Avon Books, London, 1994.
From the dust-jacket:
'In his own words his time as a (Seventh-day Adventist) minister, which saw him working for the church in the United states, Australia, New Zealand and Papua, was
“…experientially like trying to hang-glide through the eye of one of Ezekiel’s fiery storms and - intellectually - like trying to knit with cooked spaghetti.”
A more recent book by John is “Well 37: Sometimes you find yourself…in the middle of nowhere”. It’s available as a Kindle book on Amazon.
Personally, I’m looking forward to his recently finished autobiography which a draft reviewer tells me is a ‘tour de force’

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