Reinterpreting a Jewish Holy Day

Sabbath School commentary for discussion on September 11, 2021

This week’s Adult Bible Study Guide lesson, Longing for More, focuses on the Jewish meanings behind the symbolic language in 1 Cor. 10. According to Carla Works, associate professor in New Testament at Wesley Theological Seminary, this passage is “a rather bizarre retelling of Israel’s exodus to illustrate for the Corinthians their own precarious position as a church living in a wilderness time—a limbo of sorts between their newfound freedom in Christ and the waited fruition of God’s kingdom.”

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Had to look that one up.

But now I get it.

It’s another version of appropriation.

Or, “the taking of something without permission, right or authority”.

As in, how Christians “commandeer” little snippets from the Torah and EGW “pirated” whatever she could from more enlightened and creative writers than herself!

Stealing, IOW! :rofl:

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this is interesting that the jewish calendar sees the world as only 5,782 yrs old, assuming this is what this date means…one wonders if they use ussher’s chorology, or something similar…

In the video I appreciated that she took scriptures that taken literally has no meaning for most of us and gave meaning to us today. Her presentation was well crafted giving fellow Sabbatarians an another way to deal with the Torah.

In 16 minutes she felt no need to pace back and forth like a caged tiger during the presentation, her gestures had meaning and enhanced her thoughts. She neither shouted or whispered! My kind of preacher!!

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From whom did the Christians “steal”? And what? Pray tell me, I am curious…


Read the article or ask a Jew.

Done that already. You are not responding to my question. You used the term “steal”. So what have the Christians stolen? And from whom?

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After a simple google search (which you apparently didn’t want to do) I found this from a guy who responds to your question most comprehensively, in my opinion:

You’re most welcome.


And BTW, at some point you might consider the question of how much Christianity “took” from the pagans, Zoroaster, Mithras, Egyptian Mythology, et. als, or how much EGW “borrowed” from whatever source she felt, in her “divine inspiration “, entitled to appropriate.

Easy answer: Religionists…as opposed to Christ himself who, from all available evidence, had no intention of starting a new religion, and certainly not one based on books.

Otherwise it seems patently logical that he, of all people and with a direct link to The Self of All Things, would have left us one holy book written by himself and co-authored by his omnipotent dad. A parent who—with all that power and intellect—should have been able, and indeed eager, to help publish one perfect, unmistakably lucid gospel, a document which would clarify everything for everybody, no matter their heritage or mindset, and that would have been impossible to misunderstand or interpret incorrectly.

This, rather than the many various and varied gospels “Christians” have been arguing about for the past two millennia, to say nothing of the many different and essentially contradictory tomes religious people have supposedly been receiving from our maker for ages. Words and books reportedly sent through an eons-long procession of purported prophets and self-professed publicists for god! :rofl:

This paragraph is a little bit strange.

Normally, there should be no difference between Judaism and Christianity. Jesus was a Jew and the first disciples too. Jesus was the Messiah that Israel was waiting for but this Messiah was supposed to die for the sins of the entire human race and the people who accepted Jesus were supposed to be grafted upon Israel.

But Israel rejected Jesus and even persecuted the church. So, as a nation, they cut themselves from the body of Christ.

So who silenced whom? Who withdrew from the spiritual history and created troubling misinterpretations?

Yes, she was so refreshing and practical about a hardly ever observed command of God. She gave new meaning to that little word “no”

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