Remembering the Past, Embracing the Future

Seventh-day Adventist Kinship International held its 44th Annual Kampmeeting on the weekend of Nov. 9–12. Themed “We Believe” in celebration of the diverse beliefs within the Kinship community, the event involved workshops, presentations, and festivities. Kinship defines itself as “an LGBTQIA+ affirming and inclusive community for current and former Seventh-day Adventists.” The organization's goal with this year’s Kampmeeting was to celebrate the “unity, diversity, and shared experiences of LGBTQ+ current and former Seventh-day Adventists.”

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Each Kampmeeting is a very special event and this year’s 44th was no exception. In spite of all the contoversy surrounding the planning of the event, I am happy to know that the local church is where the rubber meets the road and we truly felt and met Jesus in the members of the local La Sierra University Church.
The graphic at the top of the article says it all; We believe…
I invite you all to become a part of Kinship’s community (allies and families are certainly welcome) and join us as we march forward making a difference in the world for those who need to experience Jesus.


All my love to Kinship during this year’s Kampmeeting!
May the Perchoresis of the Beloved Trinity embrace our Community always!
Kind regards,

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A slight correction to the article- I did not get fired from Loma Linda University - but it was very clear that being a faculty member and being ‘homosexual’ - was a reason to be fired. The Faculty Handbook was very direct with this message. Since I was out away from Loma Linda - it was in my best interest to find another job. While I have continued to grieve that I was not good enough for LLU - in fact leaving LLU lead me to being who I am. To wonderful career opportunities. AND most importantly- my spouse Marianne Hart and I were free to adopt our daughter Brittany. Frankly. I never imagined being a Mother was a possibility. Since I was a Lesbian. I knew this from about 10 years old. Did not have a name for who I was. But I always knew I like girls/ women. Never hated men. Just loved girls/ woman.
AM so glad that today’s GLBTQIAplus community is being accepted on many fronts. Just hope one day it will matter NOT. Not to anyone or any organization including religious organizations. Hoping the SDA church is not the last holdout. BUT with current GC president - seemingly obsessed with us - the SDA church may be the last church barring us from full and open membership.
Am thankful that in Loma Linda — as I returned here at retirement- I have found a wonderful open and accepting group with Sabbath Seminar. Part of LLUC. Come join us. Sabbath at 10:30. 3rd floor of Centennial building. Thanks for reading. Elizabeth Rogers


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